June 2010
Volume 27, Number 4

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Task Management for Lawyers » 
by Ben M. Schorr
Capture, process, and track action items using Microsoft Outlook and OneNote.
Collaborative Technologies for Solos and Small Firms » 
by Dennis Kennedy, Tom Mighell, and Grace Kennedy
Affordable software and web solutions can help you work with others, enhance client service, and make your practice a little easier.
Mind Mapping Can Improve Your Note Taking  » 
by Nerino J. Petro Jr.
Organize your notes on the fly and quickly review pertinent information at a later date.
Case Analysis Software and Other Law Practice Tools  » 
by Ardavan Gurg
Is it time to abandon general-purpose programs in favor of dedicated analytical software?
Acrobat: The Solo and Small Firm Litigation Tool  » 
by David L. Masters
This one program can take you through every stage of your case—from initial analysis through discovery and on to trial.
How to Build Electronic Briefs  » 
by Brett Burney
E-briefs can save paper and employ navigational aids, and they are being accepted by more and more courts.
Presentation Software for Solos and Small Firms  » 
by Thomas F. Goldman
Which programs will best help you create and organize a multimedia presentation for trial?
Presentation Hardware for the Courtroom  » 
by Todd H. Flaming
How to choose and configure your technology for trial presentations.
Using Consultants for Courtroom Presentations » 
by Timothy A. Piganelli
Know what to look for, and you’ll get the most for your money.
Grow Your Practice with Public Presentations » 
by Wells H. Anderson with Larry Bodine
Become a better public speaker to build your practice.


Road Warrior »
by Jeffrey Allen
A Lawyer’s View of the iPad
The Chair's Corner »
by James M. Durant III
PowerPoint Presentation Tips
General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News »
Spring Meeting Wrap-Up; Annual Meeting
Highlights; Solo and Small Firm Awards; Fall Meeting Highlights
Product Review  »
by Andrew C. Simpson
West eLearning Center
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Minimizing Digital Distractions
Mac User  »
by Victoria L. Herring
Note-Taking Applications for Apple Users
Techno Ethics »
by James Ellis Arden
Cloud Computing: Opportunities and Risks
Sites for Sore Eyes »
by Jim Calloway and Courtney Kennaday
Practice Management Advisors Online
Product Review »
by Jared D. Correia
Product Review  »
by Erik Hammarlund, Mark Deal, and Alan Dratch
Windows 7

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