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July/August 2010
Volume 27, Number 5

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How to Evaluate a Case in 15 Minutes » 
by Alan L. Inglis
How to Cross-Sell to Your Clients » 
by Michael P. Hurley
How to Network » 
by James L. Schwartz
How to Avoid the Surprise Attorney-Client Relationship » 
by Evan L. Loeffler
How to Decide Whether to Give Free Consultations » 
by Henry M. DeWoskin
How to Kill the Billable Hour  » 
by Jay Shepherd
How to Avoid Conflicts  » 
by James M. McMullan
How to Seize Stuff » 
by Patrick W. Begos
How to Handle Foreclosures » 
by Jonathan G. Stein
How to Talk to the Media » 
by Jan Matthew Tamanini
How to Succeed with Staff » 
by Harold M. Goldner
How to Close a Case » 
by Naomi C. Fujimoto
How to Withdraw from a Case » 
by Marc S. Stern
How to Deal with Deadbeat Clients » 
by Darrell G. Stewart
How to Cope When Opposing Counsel Is a Jerk » 
by Deena Beard


From the Editor »
by Joan M. Burda
You’ve Been Swell, You’ve Been Great
The Chair's Corner »
by James M. Durant III and Joseph A. DeWoskin
A Year of Service; Hello, Is There Anybody Out There?
General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News »
Annual Meeting Schedule; GPSolo on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; Fall Meeting Highlights;
TechEZ Training Tuesdays

Ready Resources »
Ready Resources to Show You How
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
How to Feng Shui Your Law Office
In the Solution »
by Meloney C. Crawford
How to Help an Impaired Colleague
Product Review »
by Elizabeth R. Ashley
Advising Small Businesses/Forms Combo
GP Mentor »
by Lori L. Keating
How to Mentor Another Lawyer

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