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Searching for additional resources on topics related to sex and the law? Take a look at the ABA publications below, and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GPSolo Division, the ABA, and others. To order any of the books listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at

Complete Guide to Divorce Practice: Forms and Procedures for the Lawyer, Third Edition
By Larry Rice (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2005; PC 5150410; $135.95; GP­Solo member price $115.95)
This complete divorce practice system can easily be customized to fit your jurisdiction and the way you handle cases, providing more than 420 documents to efficiently take clients through every step of the divorce process.

Constructive Divorce Guidebook: Empowering Families to Reach Long-Term Positive Results
By Mark Chinn (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2007; PC 5150309; $54.95; GP­Solo member price $44.95)
This book views family trials not as contests to be won or lost, but as challenges for affirmative resolution for all concerned parties. After reading the book, you will be able to help your clients to resolve family disputes in a manner that will lead to long-term results for the families and children of divorce.

Effectively Staffing Your Law Firm
Edited by jennifer j. rose (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2009; PC 5150434; $89.95; GPSolo member price $75.95)
Although staff can help you bring in more profits and clients, ineffective supervision can cost you money—and potentially lose clients and harm your professional reputation. Effectively Staffing Your Law Firm provides insight to help guide the many decisions that face a lawyer who is running a firm, whether solo or staffed.

Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples
By Joan M. Burda (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2004; PC 5150294; $59; GPSolo member price $45)
This book provides estate planning lawyers with an introduction to the issues faced by lesbian and gay clients, as well as creative solutions to help protect these clients’ relationship, their children, and their future. Also provided are forms and documents on CD-ROM that lesbian and gay clients need to prepare as part of a complete estate plan.

Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Clients: A Lawyer’s Guide
By Joan M. Burda (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2007; PC 5150317; $89.95; GPSolo member price $65.95)
This book provides an introduction to lawyers and their clients to the legal landscape as it relates to lesbian, gay, and transgender (LGT) persons today and provides the opportunity to look at issues from the perspectives of those persons.

Letters for Divorce Lawyers: Essential Communications for Clients, Opposing Counsel, and Others
By Martha J. Church (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2006; PC 5150300; $80; GP­Solo member price $65)
Set up chronologically following the usual life of a typical divorce case, this guide contains valuable, easy-to-conform samples including letters for initial client contact, declination, retention letters and employment contracts, billing, withdrawal, pleadings transmittals, financial, discovery, depositions, scheduling, mediation, trial, settlements, closing matters, prenuptial agreements, and more.

Til Death, Divorce, or Deportation Do Us Part: When Immigration and Family Law Issues Intersect
By Howard R. Brill, Eric M. Fish, and Nissa Ricafort (ABA Center for CLE; ABA Commission on Immigration; ABA Section of Family Law; ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2009; PC CET09IFLC; $150; ABA member price $135; GP­Solo member price $125)
The intersection of matrimonial and family law with immigration law can have a tremendous impact on an individual’s immigration status as well as create difficult jurisdictional issues for child custody and support actions. This audio CLE will teach you how these areas of law interact and how to handle the complexities of foreign divorces and marriages. Included are two audio CDs and printed course materials. Running time: 86 minutes; credit hours: 1.5.

American Bar Association Legal Guide for Women
(ABA Division of Public Education; 2004; PC 2350214; $18.95; ABA member price $16.11)
This guide covers what every woman needs to know about the law and her rights. It explains women’s rights to prevent sex discrimination and sexual harassment at school and work; pregnancy leave, parental leave, and working from home; rights and responsibilities in marriage; the rights of unmarried couples and same-sex couples; divorce and separation; and child support, custody, and visitation.

Collaborative Law: Achieving Effective Resolution in Divorce Without Litigation, Second Edition
By Pauline H. Tesler (ABA Section of Family Law; 2008; PC 5130160; $129)
Now substantially revised and expanded, this second edition serves both as a broad, comprehensive introduction to collaborative legal practice for lawyers new to the area as well as a current reference for more experienced practitioners. Also included is a CD-ROM of forms.

Dear Sisters, Dear Daughters: Words of Wisdom from Multicultural Women Attorneys Who’ve Been There and Done That
(ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession; 2000; PC 4520009; $24)
This book compiles a collection of letters offering advice, guidance, and lessons learned from experienced multicultural women attorneys to their younger colleagues.

How to Build and Manage a Family Law Practice
By Mark A. Chinn (ABA Section of Family Law; ABA Law Practice Management Section; 2006; PC 5130140; $64.95)
A must-read for any family lawyer, this book helps you understand the specialized skills and knowledge necessary to build and manage a successful and rewarding practice.

Sex-Based Harassment: Workplace Policies for the Legal Profession, Second Edition
(ABA Commission on Women in the Legal Profession; ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law; 2007; PC 4920039; $34.95)
This newly updated and expanded manual provides an overview of the definition of sex-based harassment and the essential elements. It discusses how to formulate and implement harassment policies, how to respond to a complaint of sex-based harassment, and how to resolve such a complaint.

Visible Invisibility: Women of Color in Law Firms
(ABA Commission on Women in the Legal Profession; 2006; PC 4920037; $49.95)
This book presents the findings of the Commission’s survey and focus group research into the experiences of women of color in law firms and concludes with specific recommendations for law firms to follow.

Women-at-Law: Lessons Learned Along the Pathways to Success
By Phyllis H. Epstein (ABA Law Practice Management Section; ABA Law Student Division; ABA Young Lawyers Division; 2004; PC 5110509; $49.95)
This book provides a wealth of practical guidance and direction from experienced women lawyers who share their life stories and advice to inspire and encourage others by offering solutions to the challenges—personal and professional.

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