Sex and The Law

January/February 2010
Volume 27, Number 1

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Discrimination in the Solo and Small Firm » 
by Laura V. Farber
All solo and small firm employers need to have a harassment policy in place to foster a more productive work environment and engender loyalty.
Title IX  » 
by Florencio (Larry) Ramirez
This legislation covers all aspects of education, including admissions, athletics, and even access to health care and dormitories
You're Going to Wear That? Appearance in the Workplace  » 
by Harold M. Goldner
The prohibition against gender stereotyping goes beyond dress code, tattoos, and other body adornments.
What Does It Mean to Be Real? Transgender Identity and the Law  » 
by Cole Thaler
In law and policy, transgender identities are no longer bound to surgical requirements.
Legal Developments in Marriage Law for Same-Sex Couples  » 
by Shannon Minter and Christopher Stoll
Attorneys who practice in this area are advised to stay on top of legal developments to effectively counsel their clients.
Loss of Consortium: When Should You Bring the Claim?  » 
by Patricia Zimmer
The plaintiff's attorney must go through a thoughtful decision-making process when faced with a potential claim on behalf of the spouse of an injured person.
Fraudulent Marriages in Immigration Cases  » 
by Joshua Daley Paulin
Take the time to get to know your clients and your case—if something looks odd to you, it will definitely look odd to the adjudicator.
Constructive Divorce with Value-Based Pricing  » 
by Mark A. Chinn
Family law cases involve families. How you choose to handle these cases impacts lives. Forever.
Defending the Internet Sex Sting Case  » 
by Anthony J. Colleluori
Entering these cases without an arsenal of knowledge is a very dangerous pursuit.


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