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Searching for additional resources on the law of leisure? Take a look at the ABA publications below, and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GPSolo Division and the ABA. To order any of the books listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at

Federal Tax Procedure for Attorneys
By W. Patrick Cantrell (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2008; PC 5150319; $89.95; GP-Solo member price $72.95)
Experienced tax lawyers, those new to tax law, and academics alike will benefit from this accessible book, which provides a nuts-and-bolts approach to solving specific problems that arise in everyday tax practice. The author, both a lawyer and a tax professional, provides insight and practical tips on all aspects of federal tax controversies.

Lawyer’s Guide to Buying, Selling, Merging, and  Closing a Law Practice
Edited by Sarina A. Butler and Richard G. Paszkiet (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2007; PC 5150315; $99.95; GP-Solo member price $79.95)
If you are considering buying, selling, closing, or merging a law practice, this book is a valuable resource for information on things to consider before and during the process.

ABCs of Nonprofits
By Lisa A. Runquist (ABA Business Law Section; 2005; PC 5070491; $24.95)
Written for practitioners and nonprofit organizations, this guidebook offers a basic introduction to what a nonprofit corporation is; how it is formed; options for organizational structure; operating the corporation; basic tax; and much more. The book is written in an example format with a practitioner advising a client on the key steps for establishing a nonprofit corporation. A related bibliography is included plus a sample form for an organization addressing a policy on “conflict of interest.”

Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations, Second Edition
By Jeannie Carmedelle Frey and George W. Overton   (ABA Business Law Section; 2002; PC 5070388; $44.95)
This accessible guidebook, written in plain English, is designed for directors and prospective directors of all types of nonprofit corporations. The guidebook addresses general legal principles and corporate governance issues to provide nonprofit directors with a comprehensive understanding of their roles.

How Good Lawyers Survive Bad Times
By Sharon D. Nelson, James A. Calloway, and Ross  L. Kodner (ABA Law Practice Management Section; 2009; PC 5110695; $79.95)
Worried about the economy? Out of work? Afraid you will be laid off? Struggling to manage your firm through a down economy? This book will provide you with a wealth of tips, resources, and tools to help you survive in bad times, as well as teach you management, finance, marketing, and technology essentials necessary to succeed.

Lawyer’s Guide to Balancing Life and Work, Second Edition
By George W. Kaufman (ABA Law Practice Management Section; 2006; PC 5110566; $39.95)
Years of narrow focus, hard work, pressure, and endless striving for material reward are the hallmark of many lawyers’ lives. Inside this essential guide, you’ll find dozens of exercises and tools designed to bring the balance—and passion—back into your life.

Little Green Book of Golf Law
By John H. Minan (ABA Book Publishing; 2007; PC 1610058; $19.95; ABA member price $17.95)
John H. Minan writes on how violating “the law” of golf—as opposed to the rules that govern the game—can have serious consequences. You don’t have to be a lawyer to enjoy this book, which combines two great passions: law and golf. Each chapter examines a different set of facts and involves an actual case.

Little White Book of Baseball Law
By John H. Minan and Kevin Cole (ABA Book Publishing; 2009; PC 1620406; $19.95; ABA member price $17.95)
From free agency and scalping tickets, to the infamous Bartman Ball, this book has it all. The game of baseball has often resulted in brawls, both on the field and in the courtroom, and from the 1890s on, much of what baseball is today has been shaped by the law. In 18 chapters, this eye-opening book discusses cases that involved rules of the game, new stadium construction, ownership of baseball memorabilia, injured spectators, television contracts, and much more.

Nonprofit Resources, Second Edition: A Companion to Nonprofit Governance
By Victor Futter and Lisa A. Runquist (ABA Business Law Section; 2007; PC 5070527; $19.95)
This new, revised edition adds hundreds of up-to-date listings of books, handbooks, professional journals, government publications, foundation reports, case and statutory cites, and Internet sites. Each entry includes complete bibliographic details to guide you straight to the information you need. Entries are arranged by topic for quick, convenient lookup.

Preparing for Reentry: What Lawyers Need to Know to Navigate the Road Ahead after a Career Break
By M. Diane Vogt (ABA Book Publishing; 2009; PC 1620383; $39.95; ABA member price $29.95)
Legal careers can and often do span more than 50 years, and taking a break from law practice is normal, worthwhile, and manageable. Returning to practice afterward is not an insurmountable brick wall, but an opportunity to strategically build and improve on the last level of practice achieved. In this handy guide, successful lawyer and author M. Diane Vogt shares her own personal tools, tips, and techniques to help you navigate your way back into the practice of law.

Resort Real Estate and Clubs (Program Coursebook)
(ABA Center for CLE; 2007; PC SN011; $221; ABA member price $119)
This coursebook comes from the ALI-ABA advanced course of study on Resort Real Estate and Clubs, held July 12-13, 2007. Designed for attorneys with general real estate experience seeking in-depth exposure to the relevant law and issues in resort and club development, the program considered legal aspects of the planning, governance, development, marketing, and operation of resort and club properties.

Rest Assured: The Sabbatical Solution for Lawyers (Downloadable PDF)
By Lori Simon Gordon (ABA Career Resource Center; 2002; PC V02RATZ0; $50)
In the war for human capital, lawyer workplaces of all sizes from coast to coast find sabbaticals to be a workable, worthwhile tool in their attorney retention arsenal. This practical 140-page manual includes written sabbatical policies and practice successes from numerous firms, as well as best practice comparisons from corporations. The manual addresses common management concerns and client reactions and covers the logic and logistics of making time for lawyer sabbaticals in busy and thriving practices.

Staying at Home, Staying in the Law: A Guide to  Remaining Active in the Legal Profession While  Pursuing Your Dreams
By Julie Tower-Pierce (ABA Book Publishing; 2008; PC 1620389; $49.95; ABA member price $44.95)
Many leave the legal profession on a temporary basis because of illness, to raise a child, or simply to pursue other interests. But does leaving the profession mean saying goodbye to your career? Julie Tower-Pierce challenges the traditional view of the legal profession as “either you’re in or you’re out” and explains how to “stay at home” while keeping your foot in the door of legal practice.

Who’s in Charge? The Law of Ocean Cruises  (Downloadable Article)
By George H. Cain (ABA Senior Lawyers Division; 2006; PC 54601001701PDFA03; $19.95; ABA member price $14.95)
As soon as they embark, cruise ship passengers enter a realm governed by maritime law. The author instructs passengers to not only read the contract and agree with provisions, but to consider the law of the sea as it relates to such concerns as limitation of liability and of time periods, sexual assault, personal injury, and loss of property.

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