The Law of Leisure

April/May 2010
Volume 27, Number 3

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Travel and Tourism Law » 
by Alexander Anolik
Human resources, intellectual property, employment, and regulatory law are all parts of a practice in the travel law industry.
Hospitality Law  » 
by Jeffrey Miller
Lawyers must be prepared to advise clients on the growing niche specialty of hospitality law.
Advising a Client Who Has Won the Lottery  » 
by Karen S. Gerstner
Lottery winners are not your usual clients, and representing them will involve your counseling skills as much as your knowledge of tax and property laws.
The Volunteer Director  » 
by Lisa A. Runquist
It's rewarding to serve on the board of a nonprofit organization, but make sure you provide thoughtful oversight and aren't a rubber stamp.
The Volunteer Sports Coach  » 
by Florencio (Larry) Ramirez
It is not safe to assume that a coach has no legal exposure or that a lawsuit can be avoided in all circumstances.
Business or Pleasure? Tax Traps  » 
by Dennis J. Jacknewitz
Be reasonable when taking deductions, do not try to overreach, and always research the tax law before taking any action.
When Your Pastime Becomes Your Profession  » 
by Victoria L. Herring
Explore one lawyer's journey from the law to photography as her main career and source of fulfillment.
Planning a Sabbatical  » 
by Robin Page West
You can break the cycle of working ever harder to acquire more. Take a sabbatical and return ready to get untangled from all of your "stuff." 
On the Road Again: Traveling with Technology  » 
by Jeffrey Allen
Explore the options, risks, and solutions available to those dependent on technology when they travel.
Vacations: It's Time to Be Leavin' on That Jet Plane  » 
by Jennifer J. Ator
These suggestions for some of the best vacations around should pique your interest no matter what kind of trip you're looking for.


From the Editor »
by Joan M. Burda
Leisure Is Not for the Lazy
The Chair's Corner »
by James M. Durant III
Balance Your Practice
General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News »
by Kimberly Anderson
Living the Dream
Ready Resources »
Ready Resources in the Law of Leisure
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Two Years after the End of the World
Product Review »
by Jan Matthew Tamanini
Legal Checklists and Legal Checklists—Specially Selected Forms
GP Mentor »
by Kelly Phillips Erb
Writing Off Your Vacation

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