Bumps in the Road IV

October/November 2009
Volume 26, Number 7

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Overcoming Depression »
by Daniel Lukasik
Depression is not just a problem in the legal profession--it's a five-alarm fire. Recovery involves a mix of healthy strategies.
Never Enough »
by Michael J. Burke
A lawyer and compulsive gambler reveals the downward spiral that led to 32 months in prison and an order to pay $1.6 million in restitution to his client-victims.
Relapse after Long-Term Sobriety »
by Janet Piper Voss
Many who relapse are not consciously aware of the warning signs even as they are occurring.
Lawyer Seeks Treatment, Boss Seeks Assurance »
by Todd C. Scott
As the employer of an addicted or chemically dependent lawyer, what are you to do?
Discipline and Disability: When Is Disease a Defense? »
by Mary Robinson
Can lawyers suffering from addiction or depression plead protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act?
The Ethics of Reporting on Your Colleague--or Yourself »
by Thomas P. Sukowicz
What is your duty to act on the knowledge that a judge or a lawyer has a debilitating psychological condition or an addiction? And what if that lawyer is you?.
The Families of Solos and Small Firm Practitioners »
by David L. Gates
Setting personal goals within your practice and your family can free you from the tyranny of circumstances and the mood swings that come from cycles of gains and losses.
Balancing Life in a High-Stress Job »
by Susan Riegler
As your practice and family grow and your life becomes increasingly complicated, it is imperative to carve out some time for you.
Managing Anxiety in Uncertain Economic Times »
by Rebecca Nerison
These seven techniques can help manage your practice and anxiety as best you can.
Being Prepared for Unexpected Events »
by Lloyd D. Cohen
When formulating disaster plans, solos and small firm lawyers should use five principles--define, enable, empower, keep, and inform--to be prepared.


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