Animal Law

July/August 2009
Volume 26, Number 5

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Animal Law: An Overview »
by Robert J. Derocher
As animals increasingly become part of custody proceedings, business transactions, wills, and criminal prosecutions, the field of animal law will present increasing opportunities.
         Animal Legal Defense Fund »
        by Lisa Franzetta
Estate Planning Issues Involving Pets  »
by Rachel Hirschfeld
Lawyers do their clients a great service when they help them secure their pets’ futures.
Animal Custody Cases  »
by Christine Garcia
Clients may call on your services as counsel in dangerous dog hearings, custody battles between private individuals, and third-party custody disputes.
Show Dogs and Breeding  »
by Lloyd D. Cohen and Debra S. Hart-Cohen
Breed standards and puppy lemon laws come from different places and serve different purposes.
Non-Economic Damages in Pet Lawsuits »
by James O. Cook and Adrian Hochstadt
An examination of the potential consequences of extending remedies in veterinary malpractice lawsuits beyond economic damages.
Pit Bull Bans: The State of Breed-Specific Legislation  »
by Dana M. Campbell
The state of breed-specific legislation continues to fluctuate, with some jurisdictions passing breed bans and others prohibiting them.
Exotic Animals as Pets  »
by Katherine Hessler and Tanith Balaban
Significant legal issues arise when an individual chooses to buy, sell, or own an exotic animal.
Service and Support Animals in Housing Law »
by John Ensminger and Frances Breitkopf
Scientific advancements argue for flexibility in the law and tolerance from landlords in whose buildings disabled individuals wish to live.
Canines in the Courtroom  »
by Debra S. Hart-Cohen
The use of “support persons” and “comfort items” by victims and witnesses in courts has been widely accepted—and increasingly includes animals such as therapy dogs.
Agricultural Animals and the Law  »
by Katherine Hessler and Tanith Balaban
Agricultural law, particularly as it relates to concentrated animal feed operations, may be a rapidly changing area in the coming years.
Animal Cruelty Cases  »
by K. Michelle Welch
An overview of what cruelty toward animals entails in a basic case.


From the Editor »
by Joan M. Burda
Pack Leader
The Chairs’ Corner »
by Robert A. Zupkus and James M. Durant III
Trail’s End; Service to Others
GPSolo Division News »
by Kimberly Anderson
The Dog Days of Summer
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Pets in the Office
In the Solution »
by Hugh Grady
Pets and Mental Health
GP Mentor »
by Pamela Alexander
Animal Law and Your Practice

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