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Searching for additional resources on some really BIG topic? Take a look at the ABA publications below, and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GP|Solo Division, the ABA, and others. To order any of the books listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at

Convincing the Judge: Practical Advice for Litigators
By Cecil C. Kuhne III (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2008; PC 5150320; $84.95; GP|Solo member price $68.95)
Learn what judges like and do not like and how to deal with the judge throughout the entire litigation process. This book distills the advice of judges to practitioners appearing in their courtrooms and provides practical advice on case management, all phases of trial, and appeals.

The Globalized Lawyer: Secrets to Managing Outsourcing, Joint Ventures and Other Cross-Border Transactions
By David A. Steiger (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2008; PC 5150421; $69.95; GP|Solo member price $59.95)
A practical, step-by-step guide on how to prepare for, negotiate, and implement a new cross-border operation, this book examines both legal and business considerations involved and incorporates the advice and insights of more than two dozen leading experts.

How to Capture and Keep Clients: Marketing Strategies for Lawyers (Audio CDs and Book)
By jennifer j. rose (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2005; PC 5150302P; $131.95; GP|Solo member price $108.95)
In this in-depth book and accompanying audio CDs (which also include a downloadable MP3 file), the best and most innovative solo and small firm lawyers give you their secrets, approaches, and strategies to that age-old puzzle of growing your law firm. The book is packed with strategies on how to overcome obstacles and position yourself for lifelong success.

The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together
By Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell (ABA Law Practice Management Section; 2008; PC 5110589; $89.95)
Collaboration technologies and tools are the most important current developments in legal technology and are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Explained with minimal technical jargon, the book focuses on highly practical and usable ideas that you can put to work straight away.

Winning Alternatives to the Billable Hour, Third Edition
(ABA Law Practice Management Section; 2008; PC 5110660; $99.95)
This newly revised third edition (which includes a CD-ROM) provides you with tools you can use in your practice to implement and evaluate alternative billing methods, including real case studies of lawyers and firms successfully using alternative billing to deliver value to both the client and the lawyer.

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