The Automated Attorney

December 2009
Volume 26, Number 8

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Hardware That Automates Routine Office Tasks »
by Alan J. Klevan and Jared D. Correia
Supercharge your law office for power and portability.
More Access Can Mean More Problems »
by Brett Burney
Lawyers must employ amplified vigilance to secure all the information that we now carry around with us.
Software That Automates Routine Office Tasks »
by Sandra H. Adams
The tools you have in your technology toolbox will help you succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.
Effective Software Training for Law Offices »
by Wells H. Anderson
A panel of experts explains how to create a good training experience for your staff—from defining what they need to choosing the right materials.
High-Tech Penny Pinching? »
by Jim Calloway
When adopting money-saving tools, make sure you're not "cheaping out" with technology that wastes your time.
Law Firm Marketing 2.0: Internet Marketing for Rainmakers »
by Stephen Fairley
These strategies will help your website rank well, draw visitors, and acquire clients.
Widgets and Apps »
by Anita Fuoss, Jason Beahm, and Aaron J. Rittmaster
The authors sort through the Mac and iPhone apps that will make your professional and personal life easier.
The GPSolo 2009 Shopping Guide to Holiday Techno-Gifts »
by Jeffrey Allen
Our annual gift guide offers recommendations on everything from iPhone accessories to speakers to handheld readers.


Road Warrior Jeffrey Allen

The Chair’s Corner James M. Durant III

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News Kimberly Anderson

Being Solo David Leffler

Mac User Victoria L. Herring

Techno Ethnics James Ellis Arden

Sites for Sore Eyes Jim Calloway and Courtney Kennaday

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