April/May 2009
Volume 26, Number 3

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Small Marketing Steps with Big Impact  »
by Aviva Cuyler
Take these small marketing steps—“small” in cost and relative time commitment—to make an enormous impact on the growth of your business.
Shake Big Savings from Small Practice Management Ideas »
by Reid F. Trautz
Making the smallest change in your business can often yield the biggest improvement.
Small Town, Small Budget, Big Dreams  »
by Tiffany Provence
How one lawyer created a firm of her dreams without offending her wallet or her small-town values.
Hard Times and Boutique Practices  »
by Andrea Goldman
The economic downturn is an opportunity to reassess and focus on expanding the profitable and satisfying aspects of your practice.
Representing a Small Business  »
by Elio F. Martinez Jr.
There is a fundamental difference in the way large companies and small companies deal with lawyers.
Downsizing Is Not a Bad Word  »
by Jamie Campbell Pickens
Downsizing is about simplifying your life so that you can focus on what’s important to you.
Virtual Offices Help Small Firms Play Bigger  »
by Guillermo Rotman
Here are ten ways that virtual offices can help your small firm accomplish big goals.
How the Little Stuff Can Get You in Big Trouble  »
by Paula J. Frederick
Most often, a client grievance tells the story of a bunch of little things that eventually lead to a botched case or client dissatisfaction.
Small Print, Big Problems  »
by Timothy J. Gephart
Failure to comply with the duties set out in the small print of your lawyers’ professional liability insurance contract can result in a loss of coverage.
Writing Smaller  »
by Mark P. Painter
Stilted, backward, and downright clumsy language may have been passed down for generations, but it’s time to break the tradition of bad legal writing.


From the Editor »
by Joan M. Burda
Maybe We Need to Suffer the Small Things
The Chair’s Corner »
by Robert A. Zupkus
Living Small
GP|Solo Division News »
by Kimberly Anderson
What Has the Division Done for Me Lately?
Ready Resources »
Ready Resources in Small Topics
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Living Well
In the Solution »
by Doreen A. Diego
Defense Strategies: Good in Court, Bad in Recovery
Product Review »
by Jean Maneke
Law of Defamation, Second Edition; Rights of Publicity and Privacy, Second Edition
GP Mentor »
by jennifer j. rose
The Small Stuff Isn’t Worth Swearing At

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