The Best Articles Published by the ABA

Best of the ABA Sections Special Issue
September 2008
Volume 25, Number 6

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Business & Commercial Law

Attorney-Client Privilege: Pitfalls and Pointers for Transactional Attorneys »
by Raymond L. Sweigart
Protecting a General Contractor from Liability Caused by a Subcontractor »
by Andrew Reidy and Seth Lamden

Domestic Relations Law

Cohabitation: The Financial Consequences of Relationship Breakdown »
by R. J. Probert

Estate & Financial Planning

Integrating Religious Considerations into Estate and Real Estate Planning »
by Martin M. Shenkman

Practice Management

How to Carry Your Office in the Palm of Your Hand »
by Brett Burney and Dominic Jaar
Somewhat Big Fish Seeks Larger Pond »
by Twila B. Larkin
Using Technology to Achieve Superlative Client Communications »
by Catherine Sanders Reach

Real Estate Law

Attorney Malpractice in Real Estate Transactions »
by John C. Murray

Trial Practice

Advising the Grand Jury Witness »
by Jon May
Making Experts Matter »
by Harlan A. Levy

For the General Practitioner

Dispute Resolution

Exploring the Boundaries and Terrain of ADR Practice »
by David A. Hoffman

Entertainment and Sports Law

Copyright Settlement Strategies from a Damages Expert »
by Michael A. Einhorn

Environmental Law

Property Law and Climate Change »
by Gregory Sergienko

Intellectual Property Law

The Courts and Internet Piracy after Grokster »
by Louis C. Bechtle and Geoffrey L. Beauchamp

International Law

International Criminal Law »
by Marilyn J. Kaman, Craig Resnick, Mark Winston, and Bruce Zagaris

Labor and Employment Law

Significant Recent Developments in State Common Law and Statutory Decisions »
by Stephen A. Mazurak

Tax Law

Controlling and Minimizing the Taxation of Disability Benefits »
by Vorris J. Blankenship


From the Editor »
by Jennifer J. Ator
Division News »
by Kimberly Anderson
GP Mentor »
by Timothy J. Rushenberg

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