October/November 2008
Volume 25, Number 7

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Your In-Box Will Always Be Full, So You Might As Well Plan Your Life »
by Jennifer J. Ator
In order to live the life you want, you need to articulate your personal and professional goals.
Careers Are Like Marriages: Find the One You Want or Fix the One You Have  »
by Olga Artman, Celia Paul, and Stephen Rosen
Carefully choosing the right career can save you many years of being unhappy, years that you cannot recapture.
Leaving a Big Firm to Establish a Small One  »
by Bernie Mazaheri
Opening your own practice is very fulfilling and a realistic possibility for everyone, but you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of such a venture.
Skinny Office Decorating with Big Flair  »
by Debbie Kuehne
The Key to Business Planning: Put It in Writing  »
by Alvah Parker
The beauty of a written plan is that you can verify your original intention— it’s all there in black and white.
Winning Game Plans for Local Board Appearances  »
by H. Stanley Riffle
Appearing before local boards is much like appearing before a jury, and the means to achieving your goals are identical.
Sudden Wealth: Advising Clients for Financial Windfall  »
by Steven S. Kirkpatrick
Your newly rich client will need to undertake almost as much introspection and soul searching as financial planning.
Planning for Your Divorce . . . and Your Next Marriage  »
by Marlo Van Oorschot
Planning for the possibility of divorce—before the marriage starts or at the first sign of serious problems—is important to the financial future of each spouse and their children.
Remedies for Resolving Your Retirement  »
by Thomas A. Haunty
Start by making an honest assessment of where you are today and how to maximize your retirement wealth.
Planning Your Death  »
by L. Rush Hunt
These pointers and checklists will help you eliminate omissions that can occur when drafting an estate plan.


From the Editor »
by Joan M. Burda
Have a Merry Journey
The Chair’s Corner »
by Robert A. Zupkus
Plan to Include Yourself
General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division News »
by Joan M. Burda
Online Research Costs: Are They Recoverable?
Ready Resources »
Ready Resources in Planning
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Create Your Own Business Networking Group
In the Solution  »
by Skip Simpson and Paul Quinnett
Preventing Suicide: A Challenge to the Legal Profession
Product Review »
by Jean Maneke
McCarthy on Trademarks and Unfair Competition
GP Mentor »
by Chuck Driebe
Practicing with Family

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