The Best Articles Published by the ABA

Best of the ABA Sections Special Issue
March 2008
Volume 25, Number 2

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Business & Commercial Law

But It Doesn’t Walk or Talk Like a Duck: The Perils of the Hidden Franchise »
by William L. Killion and Sarah J. Yatchak

Domestic Relations Law

Still Partners? The Consequences of Post-Dissolution Parenting »
by Theresa Glennon

Estate & Financial Planning

The Completely Insane Law of Partial Insanity »
by Bradley E. S. Fogel

Practice Management

Is There Life after Law Firms? »
by Marcia Pennington Shannon
Rainmakers I Have Fallen For »
by Barbara D’Amico

Real Estate Law

The Economics of Real Estate Joint Ventures »
by Richard R. Spore III

Trial Practice

Confirmation Bias in Forensic Testing »
by Paul C. Giannelli
The More the Merrier: The Challenges of the Joint Defense »
by Paul W. Burke and Brian T. Moore
Representing a Celebrity Criminal Defendant »
by Hal Haddon
Top Things to Do When Collecting Electronic Evidence »
by Joan E. Feldman

For the General Practitioner

Dispute Resolution

Liens in Civil Case Mediations »
by James A. Wall Jr. and Suzanne Chan-Serafin

Environmental Law

Farming the Ocean »
by Ann Powers

Individual Rights and Responsibilities

Mental Disability and Capital Punishment »
by Ronald J. Tabak

Intellectual Property Law

Keywords and Trademark “Use” »
by Joshua S. Jarvis

International Law

International Law and Private Military Firms »
by James M. Doty

Labor and Employment Law

Googling Job Applicants »
by Robert Sprague

Tax Law

The Art of Taxation: Joseph Hémard’s Illustrated Tax Code »
by Farley P. Katz


From the Editor »
by Jennifer J. Ator
The Chair’s Corner »
by Robert A. Zupkus
Division News »
by Kimberly Anderson
GP Mentor »
by Lisa Solomon

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