July/August 2008
Volume 25, Number 5

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The Rise of the Elderly »
by Paul A. Sturgul
Increased affluence and advances in modern medicine have been the wellsprings of the elderly-related changes experienced in recent years by the legal profession.
Medicare, Medicaid, and SSI »
by Gene Coffey, Gerald McIntyre, and Anna Rich
Here’s a primer that will help you advise clients on when and how these government programs for the elderly may meet their needs.
Growing Old with a Lesbian or Gay Partner »
by Matthew R. Dubois
When advising lesbian or gay couples, lawyers need to understand the Defense of Marriage Act and other basic legal issues.
Scams That Target the Elderly  »
by Benjamin Bruce
Lawyers can play an important role in educating seniors about how to protect themselves from fraud.
Guardianship and Caregiver Liability »
by Lisa Montoni Garvin
Lawyers serving the caregiver or the older person should always be aware of the complex interpersonal issues that underlie this area of practice.
Admissions Contracts for Senior Housing Facilities  »
by Holly Robinson
When evaluating housing admission contracts with your clients, consider the solvency of the provider, state regulations, fees and accommodations, health care, and rights of residents.
Litigating Nursing Home Malpractice »
by Steven M. Levin and John M. Rushing
Solos and small firm lawyers can play an important role in ensuring that seniors are allowed to live in dignity.
Age Discrimination »
by Brian McCaffrey
In the current economic climate, age will increasingly play a part in business and employment matters.
Growing Old in Your Practice »
by Robert L. Ostertag
A lawyer in his 52nd year of practice reveals lessons he&rsquos;s learned for professional growth.
Eight Ways to Keep Your Practice Toned  »
by Lee S. Kolczun
With a little bit of dedication and hard work, you soon will have your practice lean, fit, and running at peak performance.


From the Editor »
by Joan M. Burda
What’s Next
The Chair’s Corner »
by Keith B. McLennan and Robert A. Zupkus
It’s Eleven O’clock, Do You Know Where Your Division Is?; It Gets Better with Age
General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division News »
by Kimberly Anderson
Stay Spry with CLE
Ready Resources »
Ready Resources in Aging
In the Solution  »
by W. Donald Carroll Jr.
Coaching for the Elderly Lawyer
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Is Your Practice Getting Old?
GP Mentor »
by Stephen D. Beam
Practicing Law in a Small Town

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