Technology, Ethics and Professionalism

December 2008
Volume 25, Number 8

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E-Mail Disclaimers and E-Mail Security  »
by Daniel S. Coolidge
Simply putting a brainless disclaimer at the end of your e-mails is not a substitute for care, thoughtfulness, and consideration.
Staying Safe with Online Backup and Remote Access Services  »
by Wells H. Anderson
Safeguarding your clients’ electronic information is your ethical duty—and with the tools available today, it’s not that hard to do.
Your Duty If You Discover a Data Breach »
by Eduard F. Goodman
Lawyers who ignore a data breach do so at their own peril and potentially put at risk the very survival of their firm.
Reinventing the Wheel and Charging Your Client to Do It »
by Arthur Garwin
The dusty library was free. The online library is not. May you recoup the costs of online legal research?
Some Limits on Evidence Gathering in the Digital Age  »
by David Hricik and Chase Edward Scott
How do two well–known ethical principles limiting your ability to gather information apply to e-mail and the Internet?
Electronic Records Management in a Small Office  »
by John Montaña
New information management tools can make a lawyer more efficient, more productive, and presumably richer and happier in the bargain—but only if used properly.
Note to Staff: That Computer Is Ours  »
by Todd C. Scott
Implementing an electronic use policy that outlines prohibited activities is a good reminder to the staff that the firm’s electronics belong to the firm.
On Cyberspace, Legal Ethics, and Hunting Wildebeest  »
by Burnele V. Powell
In the age of e-mail and cyberspace, you must organize your conduct and that of your firm to reinforce your commitment to ethics and professionalism.
The GPSolo 2008 Shopping Guide to Holiday Techno-Gifts »
by Jeffrey Allen and Alan Pearlman
The authors give recommendations on everything from computers to cell phones to scanners.


Road Warrior »
by Jeffrey Allen
Safeguarding Your Data on the Road
General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division News »
by Kimberly Anderson
Planning to Succeed
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Google Stinks
Mac User  »
by Victoria L. Herring
Ditch the Laptop, Bring the iPhone 3G
Sites for Sore Eyes »
by Jim Calloway and Courtney Kennaday
Do-It-Yourself Guide to Legal Ethics
Product Review »
by Jeffrey Allen
Microsoft Office 2008 for the Mac
Product Review »
by David L. Masters and Jeffrey Allen
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