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Searching for additional resources on health-related topics? Take a look at the ABA publications below, and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GP|Solo Division, the ABA, and others. To order any of the books listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at

Advising the Qui Tam Whistleblower: From Identifying a Case to Filing under the False Claims Act
By Robin Page West (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2001; PC 5150310PDF; $94.95; GP|Solo member price $79.95)
This electronic document provides a simple road map that enables novice and experienced practitioners alike to evaluate potential claims and determine whether pursuit of a qui tam action is warranted.

The Judge Advocate General’s School Guide to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act
(ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division and Standing Committee on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel; 2007; PC 5150308; $20; GP|Solo member price $15; $9.50 for active-duty military personnel)
The gold-standard practitioner’s guide to the SCRA, this resource is an indispensable tool for navigating the statute, for finding fast, reliable answers on specific SCRA topics, and for understanding how this complex piece of legislation operates as a whole. It contains summaries of the law, guidance, and sample documents for handling common issues associated with the rights and protections provided to military personnel under the SCRA.

A Lawyer’s Guide to Estate Planning: Fundamentals for the Legal Practitioner, Third Edition
By Lara Rae Hunt and L. Rush Hunt (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division; 2004; PC 5150293; $99.95; GP|Solo member price $89.95)
This helpful introduction to the basics of estate planning has been written with an eye toward the needs of general practitioners and those seeking to develop a specialty in the estate-planning field.

Advance Health Care Directives: A Handbook for Professionals
By Scott K. Summers and Carol Krohm (ABA Senior Lawyers Division; 2002; PC 5460034; $99.95)
Authored by a lawyer and a physician, this far-ranging volume deals with the difficult and sensitive issues faced by professionals—lawyers, doctors, nurses, clerics, spiritual advisors, chaplains, social workers, palliative caregivers, and all allied walks—in helping clients and patients plan, write, execute, and implement these utterly essential “personal contingency plans” for health care decision making.

Estate Planning Strategies: A Lawyer’s Guide to Retirement and Lifetime Planning
By Jay A. Soled (ABA Senior Lawyers Division; 2002; PC 5460038; $89.95)
This comprehensive book is a guide to help circumnavigate the estate-planning world and specific changes brought by the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001. Many of the nation’s top estate-planning experts and practitioners have been assembled to participate in the production of this book, which will sensitize lawyers to the estate-planning needs of their clients in a legal environment that is in transition.

Guardianship and Conservatorship: A Handbook for Lawyers
By Scott K. Summers (ABA Senior Lawyers Division; 1996; PC 5460028; $74.95)
This comprehensive guide provides you with practical advice on conducting guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. It takes a step-by-step look at the guardianship process and examines the implications of guardianship, as well as its alternatives. The book also includes checklists, sample forms, and resources to make your job easier.

A Guide to HIPAA Security and the Law
By Stephen S. Wu (ABA Section of Science & Technology Law; 2007; PC 5450048; $79.95)
This comprehensive guide bridges the gap between the law and information security practices by clearly and concisely discussing the security rule’s role in the broader context of HIPAA and providing useful guidance for implementing HIPAA security.

Health Care Fraud and Abuse: Practical Perspectives, with 2006 Cumulative Supplement
By Linda A. Baumann (ABA Health Law Section; 2002; PC 1620214P9578; $270)
This treatise offers seasoned practitioners, as well as those new to health care law, assistance in structuring acceptable business arrangements, avoiding statutory and regulatory pitfalls, defending clients, implementing effective corporate compliance programs, and more.

HIPAA: A Practical Guide to the Privacy and Security of Health Data
By June M. Sullivan (ABA Health Law Section; 2004; PC 5630069; $79.95)
This concise, practical guide helps lawyers understand the sometimes dense rules in advising patients, physicians, and hospitals and in litigating HIPAA-related issues. It also clearly describes the many ways to obtain, maintain, and manage medical information under HIPAA.

The Law of Later-Life Health Care and Decision Making
By Lawrence A. Frolik (ABA Senior Lawyers Division; 2006; PC 5460041; $99.95)
This book provides a comprehensive description of the manner in which the law regulates and reacts to heath care and personal decision making for the elderly. This book will point the reader along the direction of further research and help the reader make sense of what can be a complicated and confusing mixture of federal and state statutes and case law.

Managed Care Litigation
By Julie A. Barnes (ABA Health Law Section; 2005; PC 5250227B1478; $325)
This quick, issue-driven reference for the busy practitioner is organized so that both in-house and outside managed care counsel and executives can immediately access the information they need, review the legal theories and the processes involved, and get up to speed on the case law.

A Practical Guide to Medicare Appeals
By Daniel A. Cody and Kathleen Scully-Hayes (ABA Health Law Section; 2007; PC 5630104; $79.95)
This book will walk practitioners through every step of the very confusing and sometimes self-contradictory rules so that appeals can be decided on their merits rather than barred for procedural rules violations.

Third-Party and Self-Created Trusts: Planning for the Elderly and Disabled Client, Third Edition
By Clifton B. Kruse Jr. (ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law; 2002; PC 5430436; $119.95)
This practical handbook provides expert advice on drafting the most effective trusts for elderly and disabled clients and guides you through the maze of federal laws that affect planning.

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