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March 2007
Volume 24, Number 2

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Business & Commercial Law

Retaliation Against Whistle-Blowing under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act »
by Susan L. Maupin
Turning away Clients: A Look at Problematic Representations »
by Marty Robins

Domestic Relations Law

The Innocent Third Party: Victims of Paternity Fraud »
by Ronald K. Henry

Estate & Financial Planning

Estate Planning in World Mythology »
by G. Warren Whitaker

Practice Management

Ghostbusters: Who You Gonna Call? »
by Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek
How to Become a Highly Quotable Source »
by David M. Freedman and Paula Levis Suita
How to Navigate PowerPoint Slides like a Pro »
by Dan Pinnington

Real Estate Law

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions… on Free Speech? »
by Adrienne Iwamoto Suarez

Trial Practice

The Object of My Objection »
by Christopher C. vanNatta and Timothy J. Cothrel
Reining in Bounty Hunters »
by Gerald D. Robin

For the General Practitioner

Dispute Resolution

Working Toward Critical Mass: FEMA, ADR, and Disasters »
by Cynthia Mazur

Entertainment and Sports Law

From Book to Screen »
by Daniel M. Satorius

Environmental Law

Homeland Security after Hurricane Katrina »
by Joe Whitley, Kipp Coddington, and George Koenig

Intellectual Property Law

Beware of Dawg, Beware of Owner, Too »
by Joseph Hanna

International Law

The Immigration Debate »
by Gabrielle M. Buckley

Labor and Employment Law

Enforcement of Federal Unemployment Insurance Timeliness Regulations after Gonzaga University v. Doe »
by Gregory Fortescue

Tax Law

Judicial Application of Issue Preclusion in Tax Litigation »
by Grover Hartt III and Jonathan L. Blacker


From the Editor

Parentpreneurs: A Growing Segment of the GP|Solo Market »
by Jennifer J. Ator

The Chair’s Corner

Of Complexity and Simpletons »
by Keith B. McLennan

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News

Your Gateway to the ABA »
by Alexa Giacomini

GP Mentor

Intellectual Property Law »
by Daniel S. Coolidge

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