Emerging Tools & Technology

Technology & Practice Guide Special Issue
June 2007
Volume 24, Number 4

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Know When to Hold ’Em, Know When to Fold ’Em »
The Technology & Practice Guide Editorial Board offers wisdom about when to stand pat with the technology you already have and when to upgrade your systems.
Vista: The Good, the Bad, and the Buggy »
by Jeffrey S. Krause
How long can you or should you wait to upgrade to Vista, and which edition is right for you?
A “Parallels” Reality »
by Brett Burney
Using Parallels, you can run a full version of Windows directly within your Mac.
Software as a Service »
by Nerino Petro Jr.
Pros and cons to consider when replacing all or some of your in-house software packages with software provided over the Internet by outside service vendors.
The Virtual Office »
by Terri Bell
Virtual office solutions may help level the playing field between budget-minded small firms and the largest, best-funded outfits.
Case Management and Document Management »
by Natalie R. Kelly
There’s an evolution toward tighter integration between systems that make, store, and use law firm information.
Online Communities »
by jennifer j. rose
Online communities create the most massive exchange of information on the planet, but risks abound.
Computer Malpractice Easier Than Ever »
by Todd C. Scott
Insurers have long known that a law firm with good systems will have fewer malpractice claims.
IT Issues for Solos »
by Daniel S. Coolidge and Andrew C. Simpson
In this special point-counterpoint, two tech-savvy lawyers square off for a lively debate on who should be responsible for maintaining technology systems in a law practice.
Training Pitfalls and Pointers »
by Wells H. Anderson
Think through your computer training options and choose what will serve you best within your budget.


Road Warrior »
by Jeffrey Allen
Mobile Technology Evolves
The Chair’s Corner »
by John P. Macy
What Did You DO Today?
General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News »
by Alexa Giacomini
Contact LTRC for Technology SOS
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Google’s Best-Kept Secret
Mac User »
by Victoria L. Herring
Your Windows to the World
Techno Ethics »
by Mark L. Tuft
Ethical Challenges in Emerging Technology
Product Review »
by David L. Masters and Jeffrey Allen
Adobe Acrobat 8
Product Review »
by Alan Pearlman
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