July/August 2007
Volume 24, Number 5

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Is It Safe? Is It Secret? Protecting Business Information »
by Joan M. Swartz
Protecting customer information from third-party disclosure is one challenge most businesses face in today’s highly competitive environment.
Benefits and Challenges of Publicly Available Information »
by Tom Mighell
Databases of publicly available information have fome under fire for disseminating personal information that falls into the hands of identity thieves.
Nine Employment Privacy Traps and How to Avoid Them »
by James R. May
Be aware of these confidentiality issues that can arise in an employment setting.
Who Is the Client? Confidentiality When Representing Organizations »
by Andrew B. Serwin and Jesica N. Pandika
Dual representation of a business entity and its major consituents or personnel is common, but it may lead to further complexities down the road.
The Patriot Act »
by Brett Burney
How far will the courts allow the pendulum t swing between protecting our civil liberties and the safety that we often take for granted?
A Bird’s–Eye View of Data Protection in Europe »
by Francoise Gilbert
U.S. companies that sell to foreign customers risk liability for violating non–U.S. data protection laws.
Preservation of Files: Destroy or Not to Destroy »
by Jay G. Foonberg
File destruction should begin long before file storage space becomes a problem or before a decision is made to close the office.
Confidentiality in a High–Tech World »
by Steven Masur
Make sure your employees, providers, and computer technicians are aware of confidentiality obligations and of any increased security requirements they demand.
Identity Theft Revisited »
by J. Anthony Vittal
The best consumers can do is to vigilant, be inforomed, and take the steps necessay to protect themselves.
Data Breaches: Damage Control after the Dam Bursts »
by Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek
The legal industry is one of the last to wake up to the dangers of data breaches.


From the Editor »
by jennifer j. rose
The Last Waltz
The Chairs’ Corner »
by John P. Macy and Keith B. McLennan
What an Incredible Ride; Privacy and Other Ineffective Warnings
General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News »
National Solo & Small Firm Conference; Spring Meeting Highlights; Farewell to Alexa Giacomini; Call for House of Delegates Nominations
Ready Resources »
Ready Resources in Privacy
Product Review »
by Jeffrey Allen
Witkin Library on CD–Rom
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
To Delegate or Not to Delegate, That Is the Question
GP Mentor »
by Brian T Hermanson
Crimal Law

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