Electronic Rainmaking

Technology & Practice Guide
December 2007
Volume 24, Number 8

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Technology and Marketing: Old Wine in Digital Bottles »
by David P. Vandagriff
Although old-bottle marketing tactics still pack a punch, contemporary digital technology opens a wide range of methods for building client confidence.
Start a Blog to Grow Your Practice  »
by Kevin O’Keefe and Wells H. Anderson
Blogs can enhance your reputation as a reliable and trusted authority.
Attract New Clients with Effective E-Newsletters »
by Milton W. Zwicker and Wells H. Anderson
Learn how you can keep in touch with your existing clients and build your reputation with prospective ones by regularly e-mailing a firm newsletter.
Electronic Collaborative Marketing »
by Edward Rholl
By working together, small firms and groups of solos can leverage multiple technology solutions and compete favorably for attention.
If My Lawyer’s Going to Multitask, I Want a Discount! »
by Daniel S. Coolidge and Bruce L. Dorner
Clients want to be heard—and they like to think that theirs is the most important job on your plate.
The GPSolo 2007 Shopping Guide to Holiday Techno-Gifts »
by Jeffrey Allen and Alan Pearlman
The authors give recommendations on everything from cell phones to computers to TVs to iPods.


Road Warrior »
by Jeffrey Allen
Using Technology to Keep Clients Happy
The Chair’s Corner »
by Keith B. McLennan
Electric Rain
General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division News »
New Officers, Council Members, and Liaisons; 2007 Fall Meeting Wrap-Up; Difference Makers Honored
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Maintenance Programs for Your PC
Mac User »
by Victoria L. Herring
Time to Switch?
Product Review »
by Jeffrey Allen
Microsoft Office 2007
Techno Ethics »
by Andrew I. Dilworth
Blogs: Online Practice Guides or Websites?

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