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Searching for additional resources on diversity-related topics? Take a look at the ABA publications below, and check out the helpful links to website resources hosted by the GP|Solo Division, the ABA, and others. To order any of the books listed below, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at

Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples
By Joan M. Burda (ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division; 2004; PC 5150294; $59; GP|Solo member price $45)
This book provides estate planning lawyers with an introduction to the issues faced by lesbian and gay clients, as well as creative solutions to help protect these clients’ relationship, their children, and their future. Also provided are forms and documents on CD-ROM that lesbian and gay clients need to prepare as part of a complete estate plan.

Understanding the Americans with Disabilities Act, Second Edition
By William D. Goren (ABA General Practice, Solo & Small Firm Division; 2006; PC 5150304; $69.95; GP|Solo member price $54.95)
Written from the perspective of a lawyer with a disability (the author is hearing impaired), this book demonstrates that the Americans with Disabilities Act is not just a law, but a way of life. The second edition includes recent Supreme Court and appellate opinions.

Brown at 50: The Unfinished Legacy: A Collection of Essays
Edited by Deborah L. Rhode and Charles J. Ogletree Jr. (ABA Division for Public Education; 2004; PC 2350212; $35; ABA member price $25)
This timely volume brings together attorneys who were involved in the Brown litigation, current Supreme Court justices, legal scholars, historians, and social scientists to discuss the meaning of the Court’s famous 1954 opinion that called for an end to segregated public schools.

The Burdens of Both, the Privileges of Neither
(ABA Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Profession; PC 4520003; $10)
The report of the Multicultural Women Attorneys Network, a joint project of the ABA Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession and the Commission on Women in the Profession, outlines the status of multicultural women attorneys.

Dear Sisters, Dear Daughters: Words of Wisdom from Multicultural Women Attorneys Who’ve Been There and Done That
(ABA Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Profession; 2000; PC 4520009; $24)
The Multicultural Women Attorneys Network here compiles a collection of letters offering advice, guidance, and lessons learned from experienced multicultural women attorneys to their younger colleagues.

Disability Discrimination and the Workplace
By Peter A. Susser (ABA Section of Labor & Employment Law; 2005; PC 1620143B1231; $385)
This book offers a detailed analysis of federal and state disability discrimination laws and the interactions of the ADA with other key employment statutes.

Handbook on Disability Discrimination Law
By John W. Parry (ABA Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law; 2003; PC 4410200; $40)
Intended for lawyers, judges, disability professionals, advocates, and law students, this handbook provides a concise but comprehensive summary and analysis, with citations, of the federal and state statutes and case law that define disability discrimination.

The Handbook on Mental Disability Law
By F. Philips Gilliam and John W. Parry (ABA Com-mission on Mental and Physical Disability Law; 2002; PC 4410145; $45)
A must-have primer on mental disability law, from clinical and legal perspectives, that covers both civil and criminal law.

Miles to Go: Progress of Minorities in the Legal Profession
(ABA Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Profession; 2005; PC 4520014; $20; ABA member price $18)
This is the third edition of a comprehensive collection of data tracking the progress of minority lawyers on a nationwide, systematic basis.

Raising the Bar: Diversity and Retention in the Legal Profession
(ABA Commission on Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Profession; PC 4520011; $695)
Raising the Bar offers a comprehensive program for finding answers to diversity and retention questions in the legal profession. Based in part on the “National Summit on the Retention of Minority Lawyers in the Private Sector,” this package features three videotape programs, two audiotape programs, and “Raising the Bar” workbooks.

Sex-Based Harassment: Workplace Policies for the Legal Profession
(ABA Commission on Women in the Legal Profession; 2002; PC 4920032; $25)
This manual seeks to assist legal employers with initiatives to effectively respond to sex-based harassment.

The Unfinished Agenda
(ABA Commission on Women in the Legal Profession; 2002; PC 4920029; $25)
This report provides the most comprehensive contemporary review of the status of women in the American legal profession and justice system.

Visible Invisibility: Women of Color in Law Firms
(ABA Commission on Women in the Legal Profession; 2006; PC 4920037; $49.95)
This book presents the findings of the Commission’s survey and focus group research into the experiences of women of color in law firms and concludes with specific recommendations for law firms to follow.

Women-at-Law: Lessons Learned along the Pathways to Success
By Phyllis H. Epstein (ABA Law Practice Management Section; 2004; PC 5110509; $49.95)
The author interviewed more than 100 women lawyers of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles in a wide variety of practice settings nationwide to address how women today are meeting the challenges of competing in an often all-consuming profession without sacrificing their desire for a multidimensional life.

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