April/May 2007
Volume 24, Number 3

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Diversity and the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer »
by Sandra S. Yamate
Diversity is not an issue just for law schools or large firms or bar associations or corporations. Solos and small firm lawyers are integral to diversity efforts.
The ADA: An Update »
by Dianne D. DeLair, Shirley Mora James, and Marla Fischer-Lempke
The Americans with Disabilities Act is still alive and thriving even though the courts have done their best to cut it to the bones.
Representing Transgender Clients »
by Cole Thaler
In light of the friction between transgender people and a society that views them with derision, the work of transgender advocates is a vital resource—and courtroom victories are especially meaningful.
What Did You Say? The Perils of Clients Who Don’t Speak English »
by David Zachary Kaufman
Working with interpreters and translators to help clients who don’t speak English can be complicated. But it is rewarding.
A Change at the Top: Diversity among Bar Presidents »
by Robert J. Derocher
At the national, state, and local levels, bar associations are making great strides in introducing more women and people of color to bar leadership positions.
Bar Association Profiles »
Arab-American Bar Association of Illinois »
by Edward Shishem
Hispanic National Bar Association »
by Antonio Arocho
National Asian Pacific American Bar Association »
by Amy Lin Meyerson and Les Jin
National Bar Association »
by NBA Office of Communications
National Lesbian and Gay Law Association »
by D’Arcy A. Kemnitz
National Native American Bar Association »
by Heather Dawn Thompson and Lawrence R. Baca


From the Editor »
by Joan M. Burda
The Rich Tapestry of Diversity
The Chair’s Corner »
by John P. Macy
Goal IX, Diversity, and Our Division
General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News »
by Alexa Giacomini
Profiles of Diversity
Ready Resources »
Ready Resources in Diversity
Being Solo »
by David Leffler
Seven Secrets to Running a Better Solo Law Practice
In the Solution »
by Michael S. Greco
Forgotten Colleagues
GP Mentor »
by Nikki Clark
Family Law
Product Review »
by Andrea Goldman
Trial Objections Handbook, Second Edition

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