GPSolo Technology & Practice Guide - Table of Contents

Volume 23, Number 4
June 2006


Managing Chaos from Long Distance: Annie Attorney Goes on Vacation
Laurel G. Bellows
Can “Annie Attorney” use mobile technology to keep numerous law crises from boiling over—while still finding time to relax and enjoy herself on vacation in Mexico?

Software and Utilities for Mobile Lawyering
David L. Masters
With laptops and the right software and utilities, lawyers can take all their practice-related information with them wherever they go.

Security on the Go
John W. Simek and Sharon D. Nelson
How you can protect your data when you’re working outside the office so you’ll sleep well at night.

Evolving Courtroom Technology
Stan Gibson
The paperless courtroom has not yet arrived across the country, but more and more judges are embracing technology that makes a case easier to understand.

How to Be Mobile on the Cheap
Aaron J. Rittmaster
Even on a tight budget, you can still benefit from mobile lawyering technology.

Getting the Gear
Matthew W. Homann
Be sure to answer these six questions before you spend your hard-earned dollars on the latest gizmo.

Do You Sleep with Your BlackBerry?
Jeffrey S. Krause
Your mobile lawyering technology should be a tool—not a distraction.

Moving Toward Malpractice
Karen Erger
Sometimes it’s necessary to disconnect from technology to reconnect with your practice.

Taming the Beast: Managing Client Expectations in a 24/7 World
Patricia A. Yevics
It’s important to establish realistic standards so clients know what you are promising to deliver—and how fast.


Road Warrior
Jeffrey Allen
The Mobile Lawyer’s Tool Kit Revisited

The Chair’s Corner
Dwight L. Smith
A Few Thoughts on the Perils of Mobility

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
Just Published: Letters for Divorce Lawyers ; Register for Annual and Fall Meetings

Being Solo
David Leffler
Have It Your Way—for Free

Mac User
Victoria L. Herring
Rumbling Around with a Mac

Techno Ethics
Mark L. Tuft
Maintaining the Client File While Out and About

Product Review
Jeffrey Allen
FileMaker Pro 8



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