GPSOLO - Table of Contents

Volume 23, Number 5
July/August 2006


12 Brian Hermanson : Answering the Call
Interviewed by H. Stanley Riffle

Why I Needed a Dog
Lisa A. Runquist

Going Solo
Daniel J. Siegel

My Life in Soccer
Jeffrey Allen

Mediation, Collaboration, and Parent Coordination
June Jacobson

How I Got Through the First Year of Law School
Joan M. Burda

Lobbying for the Aviation Security Act After Lockerbie
Georgia F. Nucci

Doing Something for the Community
Amy Lin Meyerson

Alumni Associations: A Merger of Past and Present
Natalie Lucas

Of Counsel: An Alternative to Solo and Firm Practice
Elio F. Martinez Jr.

Working in Radio
Tanya Stepasiuk

Why I Volunteer
Robert A. Zupkus

Practicing U.S. Law in Another Country
Marion J. Browning-Baker

Becoming a British Solicitor
Jeffrey Allen

Winter Vacation Rebuilding a Village in El Salvador
Sandra Rachel Baker

Representing a Navajo Code Talker Before the VA
George P. Parker Jr.

Basket Making
Robin Page West

Longevity Law: My Six Steps to a New Practice Area
Adriane G. Berg

Maintaining a Full-Time Law Practice and a Business on the Side
Arthur G. Kaplan

How I Became Reacquainted with the Sunrise
Martha J. Church

Launching the FORUM/ABA Law Student Division National Law School Arbitration Competition
Roger S. Haydock

Giving Back
Valerie L. Rice

Fire Your Clients. Or Your Staff. Or Yourself.
Mary L. C. Daniel

I Always Wanted to Work in a Bookstore
Joan M. Burda

Become an Authority: Get Published
Robert Don Gifford

Aunt Ethel
John P. Macy


From the Editor
jennifer j. rose
Do Something and Get Rich

The Chair’s Corner
Dwight L. Smith and John P. Macy
Promoting Diversity; Looking Ahead

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
GP-MilitarySez; 2006 Annual Meeting Highlights; Division Bylaws Changed

In the Solution
Homer Mullins and Sergei Kochkin
Untreated Hearing Loss: Risky Business in the Courtroom

Being Solo
David Leffler
The Zelinsky Code

Product Review
Jean Maneke
Guidebook to the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts

GP Mentor
Jean Maneke
Entertainment Law



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