GPSOLO - Table of Contents

Volume 23, Number 1
January/February 2006


Geek-Speak for the Rest of Us Mark Rosch and Jeffrey Allen
This glossary will help you understand all the techno-buzzwords that have found their way into our daily lives.

Muddy Waters: Spyware’s Legal and Ethical Implications Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek
Clients who have used spyware are often unaware that they have broken a law.

Cyber-Vermin Daniel S. Coolidge
Dealing with dangerous fauna infesting the Internet.

Is Spyware Trespassing? Brett Burney
Spyware will continue to run rampant until a precedent is established for appropriate punishment.

Whose Law Rules the Information Super-Highway? Tim Hatton and Molly L. Buckman
Lawyers must consider many potential pitfalls and liabilities when advising clients about sales and marketing on the Internet.

The Internet and ADR Jeffrey M. Aresty
People who rely on ADR should learn about ODR: Online Dispute Resolution.

The Case for Collaborative Mediation Stewart Levine
ODR offers lawyers the opportunity to design a new system for conflict resolution from the ground up.

The Nuts and Bolts of ODR Ethan Katsh
Some real-world examples of ODR in action.

Criminal Liability in Cyberspace Terry D. Willis
A police detective in charge of a computer crimes and computer forensic unit shares his knowledge about computer-related crimes.

Defending Virtual Crimes Ian N. Friedman
What happens when defense counsel is not permitted to see the evidence against the client?

Chasing Virtual Pirates with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Brett Burney
The DMCA was drafted in response to the perils of copyright protection in a digital world.

Civil Liability on the Internet Jay C. Carle and Henry H. Perritt Jr.
The legal landscape for consumers seeking redress for cyber-injury under traditional negligence principles is bleak.

Caught in the Defamation Net Brian Martin
The Internet is changing the way that reputations are made and destroyed, and the law is only gradually catching up with the complexities involved.

E-Mail in the Law Office Moderated by jennifer j. rose
An electronic roundtable discussion of the benefits—and the headaches—of using e-mail in a law practice.


From the Editor jennifer j. rose
Yellow Legal Pads and the Ether

The Chair’s Corner Dwight L. Smith
Thoughts for the New Year

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
2006 Midyear Meeting Highlights; ABA Presidential Appointments; Nominating Committee Report

  Ready Resources
Cyber-Law Publications and Links

Being Solo David Leffler
Revenge of the Sick and Tired

Product Review Timothy J. Rushenberg
International Human Rights in a Nutshell

In the Solution Lloyd D. Cohen
My Practice, Then and Now



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