Disaster and Recovery

Technology & Practice Guide Special Issue
December 2006
Volume 23, Number 8

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Lessons from Katrina
by Ernest Svenson
How one lawyer incorporated what he learned from evacuating New Orleans into a solo practice.
Your Office Is in the Mail
by Nerino Petro Jr.
Getting Up and Running
by Bruce L. Dorner
How to Practice Law in a Barn
by Jack Dveirin
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, one lawyer relied on technology to work from hotel rooms, apartments, and even a barn.
Learning to Crawl: Relocation Coping Strategies
by Wells H. Anderson
Notifying the People Around You
by Ed Poll
Rescue Your Law Practice, Work on Your Tan
by Andrew C. Simpson
A good working backup plan will prove its worth should disaster strike your practice when you are far from home.
Disaster Advice from an Insurer
by Todd C. Scott
Recovering from a disaster such as a fire is easier if you have a good insurance agent and policy, a good accountant, and a working backup plan.
Identity Looters
by J. Anthony Vittal
Money Gets Funny
by Wells H. Anderson
Clerk of Courts, Superhero
by Nerino Petro Jr.
Good planning and timely action helped the Cameron Courthouse survive Hurricane Rita with most of its records intact.
Putting Clients First: Ethical Considerations in Disaster Planning and Recovery
by Mark L. Tuft
When adopting and implementing a disaster plan, it is imperative to consider the applicable rules of professional conduct.
What If Your Clients Can’t Pay?
by Wells H. Anderson
What I Wish My Husband Had Told Me: Closing a Spouse’s Practice
by Mary Silverberg
Develop a plan that your spouse, children, or colleagues can follow to cover the many complexities involved in closing your legal practice in the event of your death.
A Solo Needs a Deputy
by Karen Erger
The 2006 GPSolo Techno-Guide to Holiday Gifts
by Jeffrey Allen and Alan Pearlman
This year’s take on some of the best technology on the market includes items of varying price in categories ranging from digital cameras to computers to iPods to cell phones.


Road Warrior
by Jeffrey Allen
The Best Way to Deal with Disaster: Avoid It!
General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
by Alexa Giacomini
Meet the Staff
Ready Resources
Ready Resources in Disaster and Recovery
Being Solo
by David Leffler
Tips and Tricks to Make You a Computer Wizard
Mac User
by Victoria L. Herring
Windows for the Mac Masses
Techno Ethics
by Mark L. Tuft
Practicing Law in Harm’s Way
Product Review
by Andrea Goldman
WordPerfect Office X3
Product Review
by Alan Pearlman
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