GPSOLO - Table of Contents

Volume 23, Number 3
April/May 2006


Staying on Top of Your Game
Nelson Thomas
It may seem difficult to keep pace with lawyers at large firms, but you can do it. Start by talking shop with clients and colleagues, presenting at CLE programs, and maintaining a work product file.

How to Think Like Your Client
Anne Segrest McCulloch, Joanne Schehl, and Roxanne Esch
You have expertise in an area of law. Now it’s time to gain expertise in your client’s world.

Courtroom as Classroom
Robin Page West
It’s not mental firepower that decides a case, but rather skill in educating the other players—clients, judges, experts, witnesses, and the jury.

Back to School: Education Law
Diane E. Millett
If you know your boundaries and line up resources for assistance, you can develop a niche practice in school law.

Who’s Reading Johnny’s School Records?
Winona W. Zimberlin
The FERPA statute provides parents with a valuable right of access to their children’s educational records and keeps schools from sharing those records without permission.

Expert Expectations
Robert A. Zupkus
The expert witness has important expectations of the attorney—and the attorney must be aware of them.

Lessons on the Road to Law School
Nikki Clark
Law school teaches the rigid constructs on which the law is based, but lawyers need insights into human interactions and motivations to be truly effective.

Learning to Listen, Learning to Be Heard
Donna F. Howard
When clients believe they are truly being heard, they will reward your practice of “active listening skills.”

Old Docs, New Tricks: Knowledge Databases Made Easy
Darrell G. Stewart
If you maintain your work product in an organized system that’s easy to access, clients will receive prompt service and you will save time that can be used to generate additional revenue.

How to Admit You Don’t Know
Joseph M. Hartley
The level of certainty that many clients expect is unrealistic in today’s legal climate. Don’t be afraid to tell them you don’t know an answer but can find out.


From the Editor
jennifer j. rose
Paying Attention; or, If I Only Had a Brain

The Chair’s Corner
Dwight L. Smith
Justice for All: Promise or Reality?

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
Goal IX Honor Rolls; Upcoming Diversity Conferences; Solosez Supreme Court Swearing In; Member Achievements

Ready Resources
Ready Resources in the Law of Learning

In the Solution
Ellen M. Jernigan
Solos and Isolation

Being Solo
David Leffler
What I Learned from Redecorating My Office

Product Review
Lisa Solomon
Internet Law Researcher

GP Mentor
Sandra Rachel Baker



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