GPSOLO - Table of Contents

Volume 22, Number 7
October/November, 2005


Eight Wishes Overheard at the Pearly Gates Joseph M. Hartley
Get your law office in order today—don’t put it off until it’s too late.

What We Never Learned in Law School Harper J. Dimmerman and Michael E. Adler
Ten tips about ethics, civility, and professionalism in the real world.

Representing Repugnant Clients
This issue’s special point/counterpoint examines whether lawyers have an ethical obligation to represent clients they find repugnant.

Every Lawyer’s Choice? Scott D. Laufenberg
Can a lawyer repulsed by the client really be an effective advocate?

Every Lawyer’s Duty? Elizabeth A. Wolford
A lawyer’s oath to uphold the Constitution is not qualified by “only if I really want to.”

To Err Is Human—Even for Lawyers John D. LaBarbera
In general, it is the seasoned lawyer, not the beginning attorney, who falls prey to claims of unethical activity.

Staying Civil Andrew C. Simpson
Incivility frequently is employed by opposing counsel—and even by judges—to gain the upper hand. How do you keep from responding in kind?

Civility and Negotiations David J. Abeshouse
Common courtesy and civility will get you better results in your negotiations—and in your life.

My Modem Made Me Do It Marc S. Stern
The convenience of electronic filing comes with an unintended price tag.

Conflicts of Interest Ellen Yankiver Suni
Most conflicts can legally be waived, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should undertake the representation.

Pro Bono: Why Bother? David A. Kutik
Consider not only what pro bono work will do for your bottom line or reputation, but also how it will make you feel.

Learning to Live with Pro Se Opponents Paula J. Frederick
Are you resentful of pro se opponents who don’t follow the court rules, don’t understand the law, and seem to receive unfair leeway from the judge? Get over it.

If Esq. Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy Robin Page West
With so many demands on their time and resources, how can lawyers maintain a helping attitude and a generous outlook toward their clients?


From the Editor Jennifer J. Rose
Road Rage at the Bar

The Chair’s Corner Dwight L. Smith
A Time of Challenges

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
We Are Now a Division; Fall Meeting Wrap-Up; Midyear Meeting Update; Hurricane Katrina Relief; Division Roster

Being Solo David Leffler
Fake It Till You Make It

Product Review Timothy J. Rushenberg
International Law Frameworks

In the Solution Derek LaCroix
Avoiding Ethical Atrophy

GP Mentor David A. Myers
Elder Law



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