GPSOLO - Table of Contents

Volume 22, Number 5
July/August, 2005


Practicing Your Passion
Steven Keeva
Create the law practice of your dreams by following these recommendations and exercises.

All Your Eggs in One Basket: Boutique Law Practice
Amy Lin Meyerson
Can your favorite practice area stand alone and be financially self-sufficient? If so, perhaps you should consider setting up a boutique law firm.

Leaving a Large Firm: Less Is More
Timothy J. Gephart
When properly planned and executed, the move to a small firm or solo practice can lead to a profitable and satisfying career.

Offshoots of Practice
Andrea Goldman
Expanding your universe by teaching or becoming a special master, mediator, or arbitrator can prevent professional dissatisfaction and make you a better lawyer.

Qui Bono from Pro Bono?
Karl A. Bekeny
Pro bono service can provide practical benefits-without forcing you to radically alter your practice.

From Public Service to Private Practice
Mark E. Beck and Joseph M. Hartley
Former government lawyers face a new set of skills and emotional challenges in private practice. It takes time to make the transition.

Reinventing Your File Management System
Ann Massie Nelson
What to keep and how long to keep it are just two of the questions you must ask yourself when developing a strategy for managing client files.

So What Else Can You Do with Your Law Degree?
Hindi Greenberg
Even if you leave the law, you will continue to draw on the skills you developed in law practice. Those skills are broad-based and valuable.


From the Editor
Jennifer J. Rose
Shifting Gears, Changing Paths

The Chairs' Corner
Moving On
Lee S. Kolczun
Reinventing Your Law Practice
Dwight L. Smith

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Section News
Spring Meeting Recap: Last Call for Dining Out Tickets; Fall Meeting Preview; Section Author Honored; New GP/Solo Book

Being Solo
David Leffler
The Power of Story: Making a Memorable Presentation

In the Solution
Meloney Crawford Chadwick
There's No Place Like Home

GP Mentor
William E. Brown
Voices of Experience

Product Review
Vicki Levy Eskin
The Woman Lawyer's Rainmaking Game



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