GPSOLO - Table of Contents

Volume 21, Number 7
October/November, 2004


When Colleagues Need Help
Ann D. Foster
You just found out that a senior associate has a serious cocaine and alcohol problem. What do you, the managing parnter, need to do?

"We're from the Bar, and We're Here to Help You"
John W. Clark Jr.
Lawyer assistance programs offer a variety of ways to help lawyers with substance abuse, mental healthm and other problems.

Common Questions for LAPs
Bonnie Waters, Jeff Fortgang, and Nancy Brown
Today's LAPs handle more than just alcohol and drug abuse. They can provide answers to dilemmas such as how to overcome procrastination, handle an overbearing boss or partner, and turn around a declining practice.

What to Expect at Twelve-Step Meetings
Michael Sweeney
Learning what takes place at a program such as AA will allay some anxiety and dispel some illusions about what to expect.

The Lawyer as Counseler: Representing the Impaired Client
Timothy David Edwards
A lawyer who represents clients with addiction problems must have a general understanding of addiction, its causes, and its proper treatment.

Growing Old Is Not for the Fainthearted
Kenneth J. Hargreen and Cindy S. Reigle
Preventing adverse drug reactions and knowing the risk factors for depression and substance abuse can help older lawyers avoid serious health problems.

Other Bumps in the Road

Eating Disorders
Theodore E. Weltzin

Sexual Addictions
Lynn Phillips

Meloney Crawford Chadwick

Internet Addictions
Kenneth Search

Judith F. Koeppl

Heather Fiske

Kimberly S. Young

Preventing Burnout: Live Well, Laugh Often
Adrian Hill
Don't be one of those lawyers who boasts of the crushing schedules they keep, while secretely dreaming of another life.

So You're a Lawyer. Can You Be Happy?
Rebecca Nerison
You really can be a happy, decent, successful lawyer despite the systemic and personal obstacles you encounter daily.


From the Editor
Speed Bumps and Potholes
jennifer j. rose

The Chair’s Corner
Roadside Assistance
Lee S. Kolczun

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
Lara Trujillo

Being Solo
Incapacitated: What Happens to Your Solo Law Practice?
David Leffler

Product Review
The Rainmaking Machine
Elizabeth R.Ashley

GP Mentor Amy Lin Meyerson
Voices of Experience



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