GPSOLO Best of ABA Sections - Table of Contents

Volume 21, Number 2
March, 2004

Business and Commerical Law

Law So Long, But Not Goodbye: Can A Lawyer Who Retires Face A Restrictive Covenant?
By Stuart L. Pachman

Domestic Relations Law

Surveying The Alimony Landscape
By Brenda L. Storey

Virtual Visitation: The Next Generation Of Options For Parent-Child Communication
By Kimberly R. Shefts

Estate And Financial Planning

Crossing State Lines With Durable Powers
By Linda S. Whitton

Practice Management

Brother’s Keeper: Must You Protect Opponents’ Confidentiality?
By Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Building An Elder Law Practice
By Milton W. Zwicker

Technology And The Power Of Persuasion
By Craig Ball

Real Estate Law

The Structure and Use of Letters of Intent
By Gregory G. Gosfield

Trial Practice

The Admissibility And Use Of Demonstrative Aids

By Steven C. Marks

Litigating Damages: Actual And Punitive
By Andrew L. Frey and Dennis P. Orr

Showing Your Hand: A Counter-Intuitive Strategy For Deposition Defense
By Steven Lubet

For the General Practictioner

Dispute Resolution
Institutionalization: What Do Empirical Studies Tell Us About Court Mediation?
By Bobbi McAdoo, Nancy A. Welsh, and Roselle L. Wissler

Environmental Law
Agricultural Biotechnology, The Environment, And Health
By Blake A. Biles

Intellectual Property Law
The Fallacy Of Trademark Residual Goodwill
By David S. Ruder

International Law And Practice
Military Commissions And The War On Terrorism
By R. Peter Masterton

Labor And Employment Law
The Supreme Court’s Labor And Employment Decisions: 2002-2003 Term
By Maria O’Brien Hylton

Tax Law
Contributions, Distributions, And Assumption Of Liabilities
By Karen C. Burke


From the Editor
Laura B. Embleton

The Chair’s Corner
William T. Hogan III

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News

GP Mentor Rudolph N. Patterson
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