GPSOLO - Table of Contents

Volume 21, Number 4
June, 2004


High-Tech from Day One
Craig Ball
The judicious use of technology improves any case, not just the big or complicated ones. But you don’t have to use technology in every case to reap its benefits. Each time you implement a new technology, it gets easier.

Who Runs the Media Magic Show?
When it’s time to go to court, will you be the Wizard of Oz or your client’s attorney? This issue’s special point/counterpoint looks at whether you can handle running electronic trial equipment and try a case at the same time.

Be Your Own Courtroom Wizard
David L. Masters

Leave the Hocus-Pocus to Others
Alan Pearlman

You Ought to Be in Pictures
Stephen J. Lief, Don Gibson, and Guy Thomas
Ten tips for electronic trial presentations.

To Tech or Not to Tech?
Dennis M. Kennedy
Don’t let the latest hot gizmo lure you into buying something that will end up as just another place to stack your papers.

e-briefs and e-filing are e-z
David L. Masters
Electronic court filing gives attorneys more direct control over filing and service and eliminates uncertainty from the process.

Electronic Discovery: What Dangers Lurk in the Virtual Abyss?
Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek
A computer forensic expert can guide you through collecting information and prevent the spoliation of evidence.

Using Trial Technology When You’re Not in Trial
Bruce A. Olson
There is no limit to the creative use of trial technology in day-to-day tasks, depositions, and mediation.


Road Warrior
Jeffrey Allen
Stayin’ Alive!

The Chair’s Corner
William T. Hogan III
The Rule of Law

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
Spring Meeting Wrap-Up; Military Law Day During Annual Meeting

Natalie R. Thornwell
TECHSHOW 2004 Wrap-Up

Being Solo
David Leffler
Typewriter, Anyone?

Mac User
Victoria L. Herring
Basic Panther Maintenance

Product Review
Kyle L. Doviken
Samsung SPH-i500

Product Review
Jeffrey Allen
New Tricks for Old Dogs: FileMaker Pro 7

Techno Ethics
Diane L. Karpman
Dead Sea Scrolls

GP Mentor
Karen S. Hindson
Voices of Experience


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