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Volume 21, Number 5
July/August, 2004


Looking for Mr. (or Ms.) Right: How to Choose a Law Partner
Linda J. Ravdin
Practicing law with partners can be a professionally and personally rewarding experience—if you practice with the right partners. Do the necessary investigation and ask the right questions before you join forces.

What a Small Firm Wants from a Young Lawyer
Christopher R. Kaup

What a Young Lawyer Needs from a Law Firm
Kirsten A. Keegan

Rallying the In-House Team
Robert A. Kraft
Build a productive law firm team by hiring competent and friendly employees, instructing them in your way of working, telling them frequently they’re important to the firm, and letting them work without micromanagement.

For Better or for Worse: Is Working with Family a Good Idea?
Deborah J. Torras and Frank E. Martínez
Advantages such as having a sounding board and sharing shoptalk far outweigh disadvantages such as too much togetherness and an office that never seems to close.

Team Up to Beat the Big Firms
David Zachary Kaufman
Apply a critical eye to your own skills and decide what help you need: brains, brawn, experience, knowledge, money, support, etc. Then go get it.

Case Referrals: Handle with Care
Timothy J. Gephart
With proper safeguards, referring cases and accepting referrals won’t cause malpractice or ethical problems.

Money for Nothing?
William I. Weston

Can Your Client Be Your Teammate?
Mark L. Tuft
As long as the client understands the professional limitations of the lawyer, creating a lawyer-client team can result in better communication, lower cost, and greater efficiency.

Partnering with In-House Counsel
Michael J. Morse
Solos and small firm lawyers can provide high-quality, cost-effective legal services to corporations and the government.

Get on the Board: Lawyers and Nonprofits
Benes Z. Aldana
Serving on a board helps your practice by building goodwill, trust, and connections within your community.

Using Experts Expertly
Robert A. Zupkus
The most important consideration in choosing a trial consultant or testifying expert is his or her ability to communicate effectively.

Put a PMA on Your Team
Courtney Kennaday
How a practice management advisor can help you.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


From the Editor
jennifer j. rose
A Team of Your Own

The Chair’s Corner
William T. Hogan III
The Year

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
Meet Your Incoming Section Officers; Fall Meeting Preview

Being Solo
David Leffler
My Coffee with Ahmet

GP Mentor
Jennifer Rymell
Voices of Experience

Product Review
Joseph A. DeWoskin
West LegalEdcenter

Resource Roundup


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