GPSOLO - Table of Contents

Volume 21, Number 3
April/May, 2004


How Much Is a Business Worth?
Nicholas Bourdeau
The fair market value for your client’s business can take many forms, depending on how it’s evaluated and who’s doing the evaluating.

Family Business Lawyer: Hero or Villain?
Ann Massie Nelson
How to act within the rules without jeopardizing the whole production.

Excerpts from a Sample Engagement Letter
Anne E. Thar

Employer-Employee Issues: Eight Danger Areas
Marna M. Tess-Mattner
Your clients can stay out of trouble if they follow policies detailing the steps in hiring and firing, become familiar with federal and state laws, and document, document, document.

Negotiating a First-Rate Lease
Dorothy H. Ferguson
Practical suggestions on lease drafting and negotiating.

Beyond the Basics: More Danger in Forming a Business
Darrell G. Stewart
How lawyers can best help clients manage joint ventures, takeovers, and partnerships.

Nearly Everything You Want to Know about Nonprofits
Paula Cozzi Goedert
Additional judgment and vigilance are key to successfully working for nonprofits.

HIPAA: A Primer
Susan Scheutzow
Brush up on the basics of this law to make sure you and your clients are in compliance.

Software Police and Software Thieves: Know Your Rights and Stay Free
Dennis Kennedy and Wells Anderson
Violating a software licensing agreement can be as simple as installing a program with a single license on multiple computers.

When Clients Venture among the Capitalists
Julie A. Garella
How you and your client can present a business opportunity in an enticing and compelling manner.

A Piece of the Action
Joseph M. Hartley
The promises and perils of taking an interest in a client’s company.


From the Editor
Jennifer J. Rose
It’s Your Business

The Chair’s Corner
Lee S. Kolczun
The Bridge Ahead

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
Diversity Fellows Sought; Annual Meeting Passport Info; Solo Day 2004 Lineup

Letters to the Editor

Being Solo
David Leffler
Confessions of a Solo Attorney

Product Review
Joan M. Burda

Resource Roundup

GP Mentor Joseph A. DeWoskin
Voices of Experience

In the Solution
Peggy Dolan


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