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Volume 20, Number 7
October/November 2003


What a Trial Consultant Can Teach You—Even If You Can't Afford to Hire One
By Richard K. Gabriel and Julie Fenyes
Employing consultant techniques can help you develop and present acompelling, clear, and cohesive theme and story when bringing a case before a jury, judge, or arbitrator.

Rites and Rituals: How Lawyers Really Prepare for a Trial
By Wendell Finner
Whether you don a funky tie, pack peanut butter crackers, garden, pray, or dance, developing your own routine will help you perform at your peak.

The View from the Bench
By Pamila J. Brown
What to do and what not to do in this judge's courtroom.

How to Handle a Legal Curveball
By Alan E. DeWoskin
Be assertive and positive in the face of a clever pitch from the other team.

Client as Co-counsel
By Jimmy L. Verner Jr.
The best strategy for dealing with a control client is to redirect the client's energy in a productive fashion.

Complex Litigation for Small Firms and Solo Lawyers
By Robin Page West
Thanks to new technology and new strategies, anyone with the patience to develop a litigation plan, budget, an timeline can take part.

What If the Deal Goes Bad? What Litigators (Don't) Want You to Know
By David Zachary Kaufman
Once an agreement blows up and a litigator is necessary, you, the client, and the litigator must form a close-knit team.

Preserving the Record
By J. Nelson Thomas
Holding onto documents may be necessary in case follow-up or parallel litigation arises, but make sure clients know that you're not their permanent safe deposit box.

Resolution Without Litigation: Are Courtrooms Battlegrounds for Losers?
By Susan Daicoff
A number of alternative approaches to law practice are emerging to replace the outmoded monolithic system.

When Your Case Must Be Litigated
By Arnie Herz

The Celluloid Lawyer
By Joseph D. O'Connor
Litigation Tips from Stewart, Peck, and Tracy.


From the Editor
By jennifer j. rose
A Breakfast of Champions

The Chair's Corner
By William T. Hogan III
What Is Relevance in a Professional Organization?

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
Annual Awards Presented; Counsel Members, Diversity Fellows Announced

Letter to the Editor

Being Solo
By David Leffler
Marketing: Going Deeper

Product Review
Reviewed by Charles C. Abut
Cross Examining Experts in the Behavioral Sciences

In the Solution
By David Stevens Hobler
A Winning Verdict Every Day

GP Mentor
Voices of Experience: Juliet L. Gee

Resource Roundup


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