Volume 20, Number 1
Jan/Feb 2003


From the Editor
Our Genders, Ourselves
jennifer j. rose

The Chair's Corner
Karen Mathis

Section News
Lara D. Trujillo

In the Solution
Are You the Retiring Type?
Jeffrey Fortgang

Product Review
Bankruptcy Evidence Manual
William Schwab

Resource Roundup

Being Solo
Niche Practices: Marketing on Steroids
David Leffler

Voices of Experience: Mary Ellen Hanley


Women in Law: Not Just a Women's Issue

Searching for Balanced Lives
Deborah L. Rhode
Legal practice must begin to address the professional needs of the
"sandwich generation" who are parenting their children while caring
for their aging parents.

Closing the Deal
Silvia L. Coulter
Are you proficient at doing every task to market yourself except the most important one: asking for the business? This plan can make the final step easy and automatic.

Communication Tips for Women
Corinne Cooper
Women communicate differently than men do. The key to professional success is understanding your individual communication style and overcoming bad habits.

Is Being Different Still a Problem?
Charisse R. Lillie
Race and gender still impact how lawyers are treated within the profession. Has increased awareness of these issues made a difference?

Eliminating Sexual Harassment in Your Law Office
Sheila Thomas and Shivani Sutaria
You may run the most egalitarian law office in your town, but you still should have a clear plan to defend against potential sexual harassment suits.

How to Advise in Harassment Cases
James R. Macy
Educate your clients about workplace sexual harassment before a claim is filed, using these guidelines to help them draft an employee manual, hold training sessions, handle complaints, and conduct investigations.

Perspectives on a Changing Profession
Florencio (Larry) Ramirez, Wynn Gunderson, and John Phipps
Three lawyers share their experience of how the increasing presence of women lawyers has affected law practice.

Negotiating the Best Outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients
Mark Scherzer
Denied insurance claims can mean women fighting breast cancer also have to fight to receive appropriate care. Learn what you can do to help improve access to medical treatment.

On the Road to Esq.: Women in Law School
Linda Wightman
Now that women number nearly half of new lawyers entering the workforce, it's important to continue to examine how traditional law school curricula may work against them.

Women Entrepreneurs: Different Needs
Stephanie Goldberg
Aren't the legal needs of women entrepreneurs the same as men's? Surprisingly, the answer is no, and a lawyer working in this area requires knowledge about a range of legal services.


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