Volume 19, Number 6
September 2002


ReBar Matters

By Patrick G. Goetzinger

One word describes the capacity of the GPSSF Section's incoming Chair, Karen Mathis, to convert ideas into action, and that word is remarkable. In the Chair's Corner column of this magazine, Karen reveals the theme for her year as Section Chair- Renaissance: Rethink, Renew, Retool-a most appropriate theme for the changes our profession is experiencing. In her remarks to the GPSSF Council, where she unveiled her theme, Karen reminded us these challenges represent an evolution, not a revolution.

To prepare us for this evolution, Karen has developed outstanding programs for the new bar year. The lineup of programs at the Fall and Spring Section Meetings will provide lawyers and their families an opportunity for retreat and reflection. You will leave reinvigorated, reenergized, and revived, both personally and professionally.

Setting the stage to experience a renaissance requires being clear of distractions. Distractions abound in your office. Get out of the office and join the Section in San Diego this fall and again in Baltimore next spring. You will experience a revival, not regret a missed opportunity.

The products of a successful renaissance weekend are the ideas-the revelations-that strike during the retreat. They typically fall into two basic categories: career altering or life enhancing. I can vividly recall the moment 11 years ago at my firm's annual retreat when I made a career-altering decision to focus my practice on trusts, estates, and business law. For the past 17 years my college buddies and I have reunited annually in August for what has become known as "Cahoona Linx & Drinx." And each year we return enriched by an exchange of experiences and ideas that enhance our life. I enjoy the same type of life-enhancing experiences when I am reunited with my ABA friends at the Spring and Fall Meetings of the GPSSF Section.

It takes a special talent to convert ideas to action. GPSSF Section publications and mentors helped me retool my practice. The tips and techniques provided by the program presenters in San Diego will assist you, too, in converting ideas to action. You'll be encouraged by the stories of others who have done it.

I have another selfish reason for being excited about the Chair's Renaissance theme. As the editor of a magazine that thrives on yesterday's news, I find it refreshing to reflect on the past in an effort to better your tomorrow. GPSolo and its special Technology and Practice Guide issues pride themselves on giving you first-run, original articles. The features appearing in the magazines cannot be found elsewhere. You can depend on the relevance, timeliness, and freshness of their articles.

By contrast, Best of ABA Sections offers reruns. Not retreads. Nothing recycled. Not fresh, but refreshed. We don't publish rejected or rehashed articles. We don't try to make the original article better. Instead, we take the best articles from recent ABA publications and condense them for your reading pleasure. Like ESPN Classic, M*A*S*H, or Seinfeld reruns, Best of Sections republishes articles that have achieved retro status. And retro is now synonymous with cool.

This edition features especially relevant, practical articles for both beginning and experienced lawyers in several core practice areas, with elements of rethinking, renewing, and retooling appearing everywhere. For a play on the renaissance theme, check out "Prenuptial Agreements for the Golden Years." Rethink the way you bill by reviewing Ed Poll's article on increasing your fees. Renew your commitment to the client by reading "How to Protect Client Confidences" and "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Estate Planners." Retool your practice by updating yourself on emerging practice areas and examining the articles headed "For the General Practitioner" on the Contents page. The GPMentor column is especially valuable for law students and new lawyers who have yet to reach the rethinking or retooling stage of their legal careers.

We encourage you to use the products, programs, and resources of the GPSSF Section to assist you in your evolution as an attorney. Steady attention to emerging client trends, new practice areas, advancing technology, and practical resources can defend your practice against being bowled over by a revolution.

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