Volume 19, Number 7
October/November 2002


From the Editor jennifer j. rose
Something Fishy

The Chair's Corner Karen J. Mathis
Tolerance Through Education

Letter to the Editor

Resource Roundup

Product Review Andrew C. Simpson
Attoneys' Fees

In the Solution Nancy C. Wear
Identifying the Alcoholic Client

Being Solo David Leffler
In the Beginning…

GP Mentor Rew R. Goodenow
Bar Service Is Business Development


Volume 19, Number 7 October/November 2002



A Field Guide to Section Officers
GPSolo gets "up close and personal" with this year's leadership.

Handling Cases Outside Your Practice Area
Mary Ann R. Baker-Randall
No matter what your practice concentration or how long you've been at it, there will come a case that will lure you outside your usual specialty. Deciding whether to take it or refer it out can be difficult; here are the major considerations.
Do's and Don'ts

Business Law
Joseph M. Hartley
Cases involving business matters are challenging. Working with regulations, tax codes, and labor law may require a substantial investment in research.
Tips for Specialization
Litigating the Business Case

Employment Law
Ellen Buckley
Carefully screening potential clients may be the best way to protect yourself in an employment law case.

Poverty Law
John Roska
Getting low-income clients a nice settlement looks good on the surface, but it could affect their eligibility for benefits they currently receive.

Immigration Law
Frank E. Martínez
Assuming a fact can be fatal in immigration cases. Lawyers must thoroughly investigate the who, what, when, where, and how involving all parties.

Rules of Engagement
Stephen M. Terrell
The limited time it takes to draft and utilize engagement, nonengagement, and disengagement letters may be the best work you do to safeguard and manage your practice.

Experts: A Little Daubert'll Do Ya
Andrew C. Simpson
Amendments to the Federal Rules relating to Daubert make it likely that any expert will be subject to increased scrutiny, changing the nature of litigation across the country.

Taking an Appeal
Lisa Solomon
There's no sure way to guarantee your client will prevail on appeal. But these tips will help guide and protect you throughout the appellate process.

Criminal Law
Pauline A. Weaver
When the phone rings at midnight and a client's teenager has just been charged with DUI, you'll find advance preparation a reliable tool.

Sex with a Client: Always a Violation?
This issue's special point/counterpoint looks at the ramifications of the ABA's recently adopted changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

Domestic Relations Law
Mary Ann R. Baker-Randall
This crash course in divorce actions addresses property, debt, alimony, and children, as well as jurisdiction and fault/no-fault.

Real Estate Law
Deborah L. Wilson
Not covering the basics and failing to consider bankruptcy, tax, and other federal statutes can prove disastrous for your client.

Representing Nonprofits
Lisa A. Runquist
Save the Whales! Save the Wolves! Save the…Chipmunks? Before you aid a client in setting up a nonprofit, brush up on the law regarding corporations and exemptions.


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