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Brave New Electronic Worlds

George R. Ripplinger, Jr.

This month I want to share with you some exciting changes in the way the Section delivers its services to you, the membership. You are reading this in hard-copy format. We will continue to provide printed magazines and books and live seminars as we have in the past. Soon, however, most of our products will be available to you in electronic format as well.
The most exciting new development is the contract we entered into with one of our primary Section sponsors, West Group, at the Midyear Meeting in Philadelphia in February. West Group will make available to you and the world selected Section seminars online, 24-7, your time, your place. For the present, you will be able only to listen to the audio of the programs; streaming video is still costly, and most of us do not have enough bandwidth to receive it. But we hope to add video soon.
We know that most of you can't attend our meetings so we are bringing our meetings and programs to you. You will be able to access these and programs from other sections and providers by going to the Section website,
The audio of the entire Solo Day Program at the upcoming Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., in August also will be made available to you on the Web.
You will soon be just a click away from so many of our major programs designed to keep you informed and profitably practicing law. Pricing has not yet been set, but rest assured, Section membership will get you the best fee possible.
What else do we have in store? You will soon receive the first e-mail issue of "Technology e-Report." This will be delivered four times per year at no cost to you. Of course, if you prefer your quill pen to a computer, you can opt out of receiving the newsletter, but I think you are going to like it. Once again, West is providing us with invaluable technical and production assistance on this project.
Later, as the year goes on, the Section will be sending you committee e-newsletters in our five core areas of practice: Business Law, Estate and Financial Planning, Family Law, Litigation, and Real Estate.
And don't forget GPSolo already is available to you in electronic format.
Let us know how you like these new products. If you'd like to contribute, it's easy-just e-mail the editor with your idea. If you have more ideas about how the Section can better serve you, let me know, at

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