Volume 19, Number 4
June 2002


Road Warrior
Jeffrey Allen
Computer Bags: Case Studies.

GP Mentor
Florencio (Larry) Ramirez
Consider Solo Practice.

Mac User
Ernest Schaal
Surviving as a Macintosh User in a Windows World.

Product Reviews
Alan Pearlman
The Iomega Peerless Drive.

Internet Roadmap
Edward Poll
The Daily Internet.


Picking Up the Pieces


Planning for Disasters
Suzanne Rose and Jim Calloway
Disasters occur at any time, in all shapes and sizes-from a fire that destroys a law firm's premises to a lost purse that contains ID and credit cards. Here's how your law practice can draw up a disaster plan that can see you through most emergencies.
Steps to Take in a Recovery Effort

Why the Plan Went Wrong
R. Stephen Hansell

Working with Damaged Documents Jean Barr
Time is of the essence when dealing with documents damaged in a flood or fire. With a recovery plan in place, you and your staff may be able to handle it all-from freezing damaged papers until they can be restored, to treating wet or charred documents or recovering electronic and photographic media.


Voodoo Computing: Bringing Your Computer Back from the Dead
Greg Olson
The good news is that most "lost" data is recoverable, and bringing a computer back from the dead can save the life of your business. Match your preparedness against our data protection and recovery tips.

Data Protection Tips
Data Recovery Tips

Computer Crisis Management
Bruce L. Dorner and David L. Masters
You know how to manage well-instructed clients when they freeze or forget during testimony. Now it's time to learn what to do when your computer suffers from clickalepsy and other critical ailments.

A Stitch in Time: Backing Up Done Simply
Jeffrey Allen and Nikki Clark
Backing up computer data is a necessary but often neglected task. Ask anyone who's lost files whether "too much backup" is possible. These basics will guide you through the simple steps.


Case Management Systems: Helping Hands
Ross L. Kodner
Case management systems-the kitchen sinks of the legal software world-can transform the most disorganized law practice into a super-efficient legal services delivery engine.


Whole Lotta Surfin' Goin' On
Tired of surfing the same old sites? Solosez members let you in on some favorite websites for legal, games, travel, and general info.


Aftermath: Lawyers Respond to September 11
Christina Kallas

New York lawyers affected by the tragedies report on how they coped and how they are taking second looks at backup plans and new technology to boost productivity and move forward.


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