Volume 19, Number 1
January-February 2002


From the Editor
Minding the Store
jennifer j. rose

The Chair's Corner
Give the Time You Can
George R. Ripplinger

In the Solution
Take Time to Care
Charles L. Hinton III

The Business of Law®
Business Planning for Lawyers
Edward Poll

GP Mentor
Ten Rules for Successful Associates
John A. Ragosta


To Staff or Not To Staff

To Staff, or Not to Staff: That Is the Question
Hope Viner Samborn

Should you hire a legal assistant to cope with your workload? Or is your temperament better suited to working alone with only your cutting-edge technology to help you get the work done?

Legal Assistants: How to Recruit, Train, Supervise, and Retain the Best
Charlsye J. Smith, Virginia Koerselman, and Patricia G. Elliott

A step-by-step look at how to bring a qualified legal assistant into your practice

The Ethics of Working with Legal Assistants
Therese A. Cannon

If you don't want to stumble over the ethics rules on use of paralegals, this article is a must-read
When Legal Assistants Change Jobs
D. Jeffrey Campbell and Frank A. Custode

Paralegal Overtime: Yes, No, or Maybe?
Xavier Rodriguez

Are legal assistants exempt or nonexempt employees? Find out what the Fair Labor Standards Act and Department of Labor rulings have to say on the subject.

Using Legal Assistants in a Family Law Practice
Allen R. Telgenhof

One family lawyer can't do without his firm's legal assistant

Finding, Training, and Retaining Law Firm Personnel
Susan D. Goldstein

Get and keep administrators, paralegals, and legal secretaries with smart hiring practices, helpful training programs, and attractive perks.

The Fine Art of Hiring and Firing
Karen Bush Schneider

Find out what questions you can-and can't-ask at a job interview, and how to discipline and discharge employees without getting into trouble.
Handling the Discharge Session

Truly Solo: How to Run a Successful Practice Without Employees
Joel P. Bennett

One lawyer's journey from solo practice with a secretary to small firm practice with support staff to solo practice with no staff at all.

Do-It-Yourself Mentoring
Martha Fay Africa

Are you facing a mentoring void? Learn how to mentor yourself

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