Volume 18, Number 4
June 2001


The Chair ’s Corner   Wynn A.Gunderson
An Open Letter to Ann Coulter.

Road Warrior    Jeffrey M.Allen
How to Be a Mobile Lawyer and Avoid an Aching Back.

Product Reviews
mimio:It ’s Like Magic.
Vendors:Want to Submit a Product for Review?

Internet Roadmap    Ed Poll
Staying in Touch.


Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere


I Feel the Need...for Speed!Shopping for a New Computer
J.Anthony Vittal
Ready to turn in your old clunker but don ’t know what to buy?Here ’s some advice on bays,CPU,
RAM,video and sound cards,monitors,keyboards,hard drives and other drives,network cards,
modems,and much more.

               High-End Displays
               The Rebuild Option

Buying a Laptop
Jeffrey M.Allen
If it ’s a laptop you crave,you ’ll need to pay extra attention to size,speed,power,connectivity,
memory,monitor size and resolution,and price.Once you answer the questions posed in this
article,you ’ll be ready to shop.


Security Is Key as ASPs Make Inroads into the Legal Market
Andrew S.Breines
If your law firm is considering using an application service provider to meet your software and
storage needs,here ’s what you need to ask in order to maintain your ethical obligations,keep
your data secure,and make it work.

             Options for Small and Mid-Sized Law Firms
             Questions to Ask Your Potential ASP

Affordable Portables:Anytime,Anyplace,Anywhere
Jeffrey M.Allen and Alan Pearlma
Two seasoned road warriors share their secrets about a host of tools such as laptops,printers,
scanners,PDAs,wireless communicators,projectors,storage devices,and carrying cases.

             Absolute Basics for Every Trip


Brainstorming with CaseMap 3
John L.(Tim)Mellitz
Even in the simplest of cases,it is often impossible to get a handle on all the facts,people,
documents,events,issues,and questions,and how they all relate to one another.CaseMap 3
does all this and more.

Metadata:How to Make Sure Your Files Don ’t Contain Extra Information
If you ever send contracts,settlement proposals,or other documents to clients,opposing
counsel,or others via e-mail attachment,beware!Your files may include hidden information
known as "metadata."

               Metadata and Microsoft Word 
Donna Payne
              Metadata and WordPerfect 
Dora L.Pontow

Virus Watch
Wells H.Anderson
Protect yourself from those nasty viruses floating around today.

              Anti-Virus Do ’s and Don ’ts
              Is It Better to Give Than Receive?Not If You Have Virus Protection
              Safe Computing Resources


What Do You Mean,You Don ’t Have A Web Page?
Jim Calloway
A must-read for anyone whose firm is thinking about setting up a web page or improving the
design,content,or marketing of the one you already have.


We ’ve Come a Long Way, Baby
Alan Pearlman and Stephen J.Lief
The ghosts of technology past pay us a nostalgic visit.
I ’m Still Waiting

TECHSHOW ® 2001:A Ringside Seat
Bruce L.Dorner
A behind-the-scenes look at how TECHSHOW can help you understand technology,implement
new tools to better serve clients,and play with some neat toys.

Electronica:A Fairy Tale
Theda Snyder
Once upon a time,there was a magical place called Electronica,where everything was done
electronically.Until one day,when a lawyer from Paperland tried to file a paper lawsuit....


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