Volume 18, Number 1
January/February 2001

Resource Roundup

Looking for additional resources on getting and keeping clients? Take a look at these ABA publications. Prices may vary depending on section membership. To order, or for additional information on any of these books, call the ABA Service Center at 800/285-2221 or visit our website at www.ababooks.org.

Letters for Lawyers: Essential Communication for Clients, Prospects and Others
By Thomas E. Kane and Tammy A. Linn (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division, 1996; PC 5150244; $54.95)
Effective practice development requires you to communicate in writing with your key clients and referral sources. This handbook contains numerous ready-to-use letters/forms that can also be customized for your daily practice. Complete with a diskette containing sample letters, this guide will help you build strong client relationships, generate referrals, attract new clients, improve personnel management, handle routine matters smoothly, and establish and strengthen your public relations efforts.

The Family Lawyer’s Guide to Building Successful Client Relationships
By Sanford M. Portnoy (ABA Section of Family Law, 2000; PC 5130104; $64.
Dr. Sanford Portnoy’s new and unique book presents a step-by-step program for learning how to create successful relationships with your clients. It translates the range of emotional and psychological research into terms that can be easily understood and put into practice, and it will show you the emotional and psychological problems you are likely to encounter. This guide’s lessons will facilitate your legal work and help you achieve significant benefits in effective client behavior, and as a result, improved outcomes.

You & Your Clients: A Guide to Client Management Skills for a More Successful Practice, 2d ed.
By Stanley S. Clawar (ABA General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Section, 1996; PC 5150247; $39.95)
If you understand how clients feel and react in the legal setting, you will be better able to serve them—and in the process improve your case control, efficiency, and earning capacity. This book will show you how to achieve these goals by revealing the motives, emotions, and needs behind your clients’ behavior and by dealing with that behavior constructively. It presents typical situations you are likely to face and gives practical advice on how to manage them.

How to Get and Keep Good Clients, 2d ed.
By Jay G. Foonberg (ABA Law Practice Management Section, 1990; PC 5110347; $99)
Distributed for the National Academy of Law, Ethics & Management, Inc., this book includes: "Foonberg’s Favorite 51 Rules of Good Client Relations for the Busy Lawyer," "How Turning Down My First Case Led to 19 Cases," "How to Handle People Who Hate Lawyers or the Legal System," "Fee Allocation Formulas to Encourage Marketing," and much, much more! Also features sample letters, homespun advice, and personal anecdotes.

Documenting the Attorney-Client Relationship: Law Firm Policies on Engagement, Termination, and Declination
(ABA Section of Business Law, 1999; PC 5070341; $44.95)
Documenting the Attorney-Client Relationship provides a straightforward explanation of the use, form, and content of law firm policies and letters on engagement, termination, and declination of the attorney-client relationship. It explains in detail each aspect of an engagement letter, the practical advantages to a firm’s sending termination letters when a project has been completed or when representation has been terminated, and the importance of avoiding liability by knowing when to send a carefully drafted declination letter.


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