Volume 18, Number 8
December 2001


The Chair's Corner
Let Freedom Ring
George R. Ripplinger, Jr.

Road Warrior
Protecting Against Catastrophic Loss
Jeffrey M. Allen

GP Mentor
Secret Technology Weapons for Surviving Law School
Catherine Sanders Reach

Internet Roadmap
Internet Policies
Edward Poll

Product Reviews
Wireless West: Legal Research to Go!


Technology Tools


Buying New Technology: Making Sure You Get the Return on Your Investment
Edward Poll

Before you purchase new technology, figure out whether the benefits to your practice are worth the price tag.

Protecting Electronic Data in the Shared Office Space
Wells Anderson and Joseph M. Hartley

Lawyers in a shared office space, beware! If you leave your computer unattended or unsecured, or if you use a shared network without certain security precautions, you're putting client confidentiality at risk.


High-Speed Internet Connections: What's Best for Your Firm?
Christopher Heitman

Everything you wanted to know about DSL, cable modems, High Earth Orbit Satellite, and fixed wireless broadband but were afraid to ask.

A Conversation in Futility
TrialDirector: Orchestrate Your Trial Demonstrations

Peter Quinn


TrialDirector: Orchestrate Your Trial Demonstrations
James M. Wood

Video playback, split-screen playback, and video presentations of documents can bring your case to life.

Using PowerPoint in Litigation: The Basics
Timothy A. Piganelli

Find out how to use PowerPoint to build attractive slides and generate effective charts, graphs, and spreadsheets.


E-Filing Primer
Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek

The states are trailing the federal judiciary in the use of electronic filing. E-filing roadblocks include legacy technology, lack of leadership, control over court records, and public access versus privacy rights.

Lock Out the Bad Guys: Protect Your Firm's Online Activities
Stephen J. Lief

If you do not have security software, hackers can monitor where you go on the Internet, lock you out of your computer, pretend they are you in e-mail, and copy or remove files. Find out how to make your computer and Intranet secure.


Rising to the Challenge? The Profession Considers Multijurisdictional Practice
Florencio (Larry) Ramirez

Thanks to new technologies, the days when lawyers were restricted in their practices by geographic boundaries are gone. The ethical rules that all lawyers practice under must be revisited, particularly those involving the unauthorized practice of law.

Holiday Grab Bag
Alan Pearlman

Whether you've been naughty or nice, you'll want to put these toys on your wish list.


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