General Practice, Solo & Small Firm DivisionMagazine

Volume 17, Number 7
October/November 2000


From The Editor Jennifer J. Rose
       Terms of Negotiation

The Chair's Corner Wynn A Gunderson
       The Art of Negotiation

In the Solution Myer J. (Michael) Cohen
       Return to Self-Esteem

The Business of Law® Edward Poll
       Raising Your Billing Rates J. Michael Jimmerson
       Reach Out and Touch Your Client

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The Ten-Minute Negotiator: Bargaining Basics for Busy Lawyers H. Lee Hetherington and X. M. Frascogna, Jr.

Closing the Deal

Find out how to create a floor and a ceiling; prioritize your wish list into deal points, secondary points, and trade points; and use leverage—uncertainty, time,opportunity, and sanction—to your advantage.

Closing the Deal

Approaching Negotiations: Playing a Cooperative Game Juliet L. Gee

Postjudgement Negotiations

Develop your strategy to change the game from an adversarial one to a cooperative attempt to solve mutual problems.

Postjudgment Negotiations

From Conflict to Resolution: When to Negotiate the Litigated Case Jeffrey Krivis

Dispute Resolution: An Evolution

You’ll find many opportunities to negotiate a resolution to a case that is satisfactory to your client. Here are the top ten factors for getting the other side to the table.

Dispute Resolution: An Evolution

Divorce Settlement Negotiations Gregg Herman

Once you read the ten commandments of domestic negotiations, you’ll be a believer.

Resource Roundup

Arbitration Clauses Added to Consumer Contracts: Why They Are Not Enforceable A. Daniel Woska

Consumers are finding that their banks are changing the terms of customers’ agreements to include ADR provisions that often modify an individual’s right to pursue a matter to a trial by jury. One recent case demonstrates how consumers are fighting back.

Negotiating Union Labor Contracts on Behalf of School Districts and Municipalities James R. Macy

In today’s climate of tax consciousness and budget constraints, municipal collective bargaining teams are under pressure to reach a settlement that is satisfactory to the parties yet still responsible to the taxpayers.

The Proper Protocol for Working with Claims Adjusters Clinton E. Miller

Negotiating with a claims adjuster is very much like courting: you must communicate, be receptive, be available, and be perceived as trustworthy and cooperative.

Setting Up a Mediation Practice Roy Nelson

The Long-Term View

Follow one lawyer’s attempt to set up a mediation practice. His best advice? Don’t quit your day job just yet!

The Long-Term View


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