General Practice, Solo & Small Firm DivisionMagazine

Volume 17, Number 2
March 2000


Lost? No. Found? Yes. Those Computer Tapes and E-mails Are Evidence

Joan E. Feldman and Larry G. Johnson

Defensive Strategies for Potential Will and Trust Contests

Louis S. Harrison

Collecting Child Support from Federal Civilian Employees and Military Personnel

Joan M. Burda

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Juliet L. Gee

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act: Interactions with the Bankruptcy Code

Janie Anderson Castle, Jeffrey L. Solomon, and Jon L. Swergold

What Is Military Staff Legal Assistance?

Carlos O. Santiago and Jennifer C. Santiago

Legal Ethics and the Internet: Ethical Considerations in Electronic Communications Between Attorneys and Clients

Ronald W. Nelson

Low-Tech, Low-Cost Document Automation Systems

Norv Brasch

Reflections on Collections

Linda J. Ravdin

Twelve Steps Toward Personal Fulfillment in Law Practice

Carl Horn

Twice Bitten: Violations of Ethical Rules as Evidence of Legal Malpractice

Douglas L. Christian and Michael Christian

Ownership of Personal Property: Removal and Abandonment on Lease Termination

Robert J. Krapf

Power Lines and Property Values: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

David R. Bolton and Kent A. Sick

Objections and Offers: Tell It Again

Sam Edward, D. Ohlbaum

Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice Equal Access to Justice Act Amendments of 1996: A New Avenue for Recovering Fees from the Government

Judith E. Kramer

Affordable Housing and Community Development Law Pro Bono Pays Off: Transactional Lawyers Supporting Economic Development in the Nation's Capitol

Susan R. Jones

Criminal Justice Let Judges Be Judges! Post-Koon Downward Departures: Family Ties and Responsibilities

Alan Ellis and Samuel A. Shummon

Energy, and Resources Law Brownfields and the Promise of Mediation

Teresa B. Salamone

Franchise Law Franchisor Survival Guide to Online Privacy

David W. Koch and Meredith Fuchs

Health Law Lawyers Beware of Criminal Health Care Fraud: What Attorneys Can Learn from the Kansas City Health Care Attorney Indictments

Neville M. Bilimoria

Intellectual Property Law Copyright Infringement of a Show about Nothing

David P. Miranda

International Law and Practice Of Elephants, Mice, and Privacy: International Choice of Law and the Internet

Peter Swire

Judicial A Kinder, Gentler Justice System

J. Thomas Greene

Labor and Employment Law Law, Labor, and the Mainstream Press: Labor Day Commentaries on Labor and Employment Law, 1882-1935

Michael J. Goldberg

Senior Lawyers An Option for Families and Older Adults: Adult Guardianship Mediation

Eva M. Soeka

Tax Law No Estate Tax Fractional Interest or Lack of Marketability Discount Allowed: Estate of Young

Jonathan S. Batten

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