General Practice, Solo & Small Firm DivisionMagazine

Volume 17, Number 4
June 2000


The Chair's Corner Sharon C. Stevens
       E-mail at Long Last.

Road Warrior Jeffery M. Allen
       Digital Voice Recorders

General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Division News
       MDP Update; Don't Miss Solo Day; 2000 Annual Meeting; Fall Meeting in Lake Tahoe; West Group Sponsors Section Programs; Section and AXA Advisors Renew Relationship; Coming Right Up.

Success Stories: The One Man Band John Y. B. Hood
       This sole practitioner in Livingston, Texas, discusses the technology at the heart of his practice.

Internet Roadmap Edward Poll
       Portals: Your Gateway to the Internet.


Technology for Tightwads: Law Office Essentials on a Budget

An ensemble cast of well-known legal technologists! We've got Ross Kodner on networking; Dale Tincher on using the Internet; Tim Mellitz on time & billing; Sheryn Bruehl on case management; Jim Calloway on legal technology training; Bruce Dorner on mobile lawyering; and Dennis Kennedy on security, viruses, and backup.

What Can You Do with an Old Computer? Robert Woodke

Extend the useful life of your "oldie but goodie" computer.

When Does the Consultant Go Too Far? John L. Mellitz

If you're confused about what to expect from a consultant, you're not alone.

Speech Recognition Technology Joseph L. Kashi and Daryl Teshima

Are speech recognition software products really ready for prime-time law firm usage? See what a test-drive of the leading products reveals.
  • The Speech Recognition Address
  • A Few Words About Scanners
  • What Lawyers Are Saying about VRT

Realtime Deposition Daryl Teshima

Realtime reporting combines the time-tested transcription accuracy of court reporters with the cutting-edge ability to see speech as soon as you hear it.

Conflict Management: Using Technology to Navigate the Minefield J. Anthony Vittal

Identify conflicts of interest with a properly designed and implemented firm-wide relational database management system as your automated conflicts-checking system, combined with a scheme that mines the memories and records of all firm personnel.

Putting the Pieces Together: Utilizing Technology to Educate Yourself, the Court, and the Jury Bob Moss

Electronic case and document management saves time and lowers expenses. By eliminating the paper forest, lawyers can spend their time on developing a winning strategy for the courtroom and beyond.

Online Legal Research: Clients Demand a Cost-Effective Approach Bruce Schulte

Keep your online legal research costs down-and your clients happy.

Games Lawyers Play Sheryn Bruehl

Think you're the only lawyer who gets caught guiltily shutting down your Solitaire game when somebody walks into your office? Find out what games other lawyers are playing, and why.

"You Can't Make Me!" Nancy Byerly Jones

Find out how to roust out your firm's technology holdouts, or pay the price in decreased productivity, lost clients and key employees, or even disbarment for missed deadlines.

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