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Volume 17, Number 8
December 2000


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Road Warrior Jeffrey M. Allen
       This Is Not Your Father's Pager!

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Facilities Planning Marc J. Gazdecki

Lawyers who are moving or remodeling their offices need to address the firm's present and future technology demands, meet ergonomic standards to protect staff, and comply with the ADA regarding facility accessibility.

Checklist-Setting Up a Law Office: Technology Considerations Jeffrey M. Allen

Data Backup: A Quick Survey Reveals Whether Your Firm Is Prepared Patricia Yevics

If you're not already doing so consistently, you need to put policies and procedures in place to ensure regular and successful backup and retrieval of data. But what backup method is best for your firm?

Burn, Baby, Burn

Electronic Backups of Hard Copy Documents

Leveraging Web-Based Research Tools Through an Intranet Jeffrey P. Cohan

Save money by analyzing your firm's online research usage patterns and creating an intranet that links to legal information vendors, government, news sources, securities, public and corporate records, free case law databases, and patent information.

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Linking Home and Remote Offices: The Virtual Lawyer Ross Kodner and Sheryn Bruehl

The demand for reliable, "idiot proof" remote access to law office systems has soared. Before taking the plunge, you'll need to properly plan your remote access strategy, provide for security, and address user expectations and training.

Web Resources for Remote Access Technologies

Internet-Based Storage: ASPs May Be the Next Best Thing Clifford F. Shnier

Accessible from anywhere? 24/7 support? Affordable? Secure? Complex litigation applications? Time & billing, calendar/docket, case management, or document management? Check out what applications service providers have to offer.

Web Resources for Remote Access Technologies Ross Kodner and Sheryn Bruehl

With all the hoopla, ASPs still need to answer a few questions about how it's all gonna work.

Linux-Misguided Darling of the Techno-Geeks or Workhorse for the Law Office? Peter C. Scott

Is Linux right for your firm, as either a network or a desktop operating system? The answer depends on how you want to use it, the size of your firm, and the application software you use.


Time and Billing: What Do Three of the Leading Packages Have to Offer? Alan Pearlman

STI TABS III, PCLawPro, and Timeslips have withstood the test of time and are still the leaders in time and billing for most of today's law offices. Find out about the latest versions.

Contacting Vendors


Using Presentation Software to Create Courtroom Graphics John Tredennick

Lawyers can dazzle the jury by creating simple but effective graphics for next to nothing with programs they probably own already.


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