General Practice, Solo & Small Firm DivisionMagazine

Volume 17, Number 3
April/May 2000


The Chair's Corner Sharon C. Stevens
       The Best Progress.

From the Editor jennifer j. rose
       Guarded Ideas and Transferred Dreams

Legislative Update E. E. Anderson
       Presidential Appointments in Jeopardy; The Bankruptcy Bill; Foreign Operations Spending Bill; Achievements of the First Session, 106th Congress; Second Session Plans.

The Business of Law® Edward Poll
       MDPs: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been...? J. Michael Jimmerson
       Knowledge Management 101.


Basics of Intellectual Property Chris A. Caseiro

An in-depth look at the distinctive characteristics of and forms of protection for patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and trade secrets
       When Should I Refer to a Patent Attorney?

Choosing and Defending a Trademark Lisa E. Cristal and Victor F. DeFrancis

Even seemingly simple client matters can require conducting a trademark search. Here's your opportunity to learn how, and what to do in an infringement situation.
       The Polaroid Test

Succession and Valuation: How to Transfer Intellectual Property Rights Daniel S. Coolidge

Lawyers who deal with estates need to know how to recognize IP rights, who inherits those rights, and how to calculate the value of IP assets

Need to Defend Against an Intellectual Property Claim? Try Your Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy Susan R. Schick

Defending against an infringement claim often involves expensive discovery and the use of expert witnesses. It's crucial to determine at the outset whether the costs of your client's defense will be covered by its insurance policies.

Donating Used Computer Equipment Sheryn Bruehl

Are you aware of the legal, ethical, tax, and practical issues involved in donating equipment to needy schools, charities, and individuals?

Publishing: What You Need to Know about Copyrights and Contracts Gina A. Hough and Claudia Ray

A primer on copyright law, including who owns a work of authorship, how it can be protected, the "fair use" doctrine, "work for hire" agreements, and the provisions of publishing contracts

Don't Let Your Firm's Proprietary Information Walk Out the Door Samuel Lewis

Both law firms and their clients are at risk of losing proprietary information, as partners, associates, and employees go job hopping. A formal technology policy can help
       Sidestepping the Land Mines

Resource Roundup

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance: Helping Your Clients Protect Their Intellectual Property Generators Evan W. Polansky

Corporate-owned life insurance protects the ongoing value of executives, partners, or employees; and is a powerful retention benefit

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